10 Facts about Acids and Bases

Wednesday, November 12th 2014. | Chemistry

If you want to know the special types of chemicals, you have to check out Facts about Acids and Bases. All liquids in the world that you have met can be included in either bases or acids. The type of ions inside the liquids decides whether it should be included as a base or acid. Check out facts about acids and bases below:

Facts about Acids and Bases 1: the number of ions

You can include a liquid as a base if it has a lot of hydroxide ions. If it has a lot of hydrogen ions, you can call it acid.

Facts about Acids and Bases 2: pH scale

It is very easy to decide whether a liquid is acid or base based on the pH scale. The number in pH scale is from 0 to 14.

Acids and Bases Examples

Acids and Bases Examples

Facts about Acids and Bases 3: acid and base in pH scale

You can label a liquid as acid if it has the pH scale from zero to 7. The scale 0 is called as the strongest acid. The base is scaled from 7 to 14. The strongest base is the scale of 14.  You can call the liquid neutral if it has pH 7. The example of neutral liquid is distilled water.

Facts about Acids and Bases 4: dangerous acid and base

If the acid is in the pH scale around 0, you have to be careful. It can be dangerous. The base around pH 13 is also dangerous and reactive. But some scientists often use the stronger acids and bases to create reaction.

Acids and Bases Pictures

Acids and Bases Pictures

Facts about Acids and Bases 5: chemical reaction

If you decide to make a reaction in the lab and you cannot handle the bases or acids, you have to ask a help from the teacher.  The strongest one can be reactive and it may burn the skin.

Facts about Acids and Bases 6:acids and bases

You can find acids and bases in the nature. Some of them are very reactive.  The animals or use them as the poison for protection.  The seeds, fruits, or leaves of plants can be acids or bases. Get facts about acid rain here.

Acids and Bases Properties

Acids and Bases Properties

Facts about Acids and Bases 7: citric acid

If you want to find out the natural citric acid, you need to check out citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. There is no need to wonder that oranges and lemons have sour taste.

Facts about Acids and Bases 8:acids and bases inside the body

The body of human body contains bases and acids. Hydrochloric acid is produced by stomach to digest foods.

Acids and Bases Scale

Acids and Bases Scale

Facts about Acids and Bases 9: lactic acid

When we exercise, the muscles will generate lactic acid. Check acetic acid facts here.

Facts about Acids and Bases 10: the base in the body

The example of base production inside the body can be seen in pancreas. This organ produces alkali for digestion.

Facts about Acids and Bases

Facts about Acids and Bases

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