10 Facts about Acne

Thursday, November 13th 2014. | Health

To get the ideas on how to handle and prevent acne breakout, you have to check out Facts about Acne. Many people think that acne will only occur during the teen age. Actually it is not true. There are many adults who have to struggle against severe acne. There is no need to wonder that preventing and curing acne becomes a hot topic in various websites. If you are interested reading about acne facts, check out the following post below:

Facts about Acne 1: washing the face

There is a common myth that acne will never breakout again if you wash the face more often. It is not true.   If you clean the face too much, you can lead into acne scarring and skin irritation.

Facts about Acne 2: how many times should I wash the face?

As I have stated before washing the face more often will never do any good to the face and acne. You just wash it regularly twice a day. Use the right facial wash.

Acne on Miley Cyrus

Acne on Miley Cyrus

Facts about Acne 3: cosmetic products

Don’t blame the cosmetic all of the time when you have acne breakout. It is true that some cosmetics promote skin irritation. You can choose the noncomedogenic makeup if your face is filled with a lot of acne.

Facts about Acne 4: the natural and organic products

You are wrong if you think that all organic and natural products are safe for the skin. Those products can clog the pores and increase the risk of having acne.

Acne Scars

Acne Scars

Facts about Acne 5: acne medication

Pick the recommended acne medication from your dermatologist. Don’t over use the medication since it can make the acne get worse.

Facts about Acne 6: sun exposure

Acne breakout can be linked with sun exposure. But it does not mean that you have to avoid it completely.  You can have the skin exposed to sun in the morning.



Facts about Acne 7: diet

If you have terrible diet by eating a lot of fried and fatty food, the risk of having acne is getting higher.  Be smart by selecting the healthy diet for body and skin.

Facts about Acne 8: continuous treatment

Once your acne is removed from the skin, you should never discontinue the treatment. The regular treatment by having facial and peeling can prevent acne breakout.

Victoria Beckham Acne

Victoria Beckham Acne

Facts about Acne 9: curable condition

There is no need to be desperate when you treat acne. This medical condition is curable. if you wnat to know the medical condtion that cannot be cure, check out facts about Achondroplasia here.

Facts about Acne 10: supplement

There are some supplements which can decrease acne breakout. Ensure that you can get the supplement from doctor.

Facts about Acne

Facts about Acne

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