10 Facts about Aconcagua

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Check out one of the magnificent mountains in the world by reading Facts about Aconcagua. Aconcagua is located in Andes, Argentina.  It is famous in the world because Aconcagua is called as the second most prominent mountain. To find out the height, the first ascent and other details, get more ideas about Aconcagua below:

Facts about Aconcagua 1: height

Aconcagua has the height at 6,962 meters or 22,841 feet. In 1897, the mountain was conquered by Matthias Zurbriggen. This Swiss climber made the first solo ascent.

Facts about Aconcagua 2: record

In South America, Cerro Aconcagua takes the record as the highest mountain. It also takes the record as the highest mountain outside Asia, and Western and Southern hemispheres. There is no need to wonder that it is included as one of the Seven Summits.

Aconcagua Argentina

Aconcagua Argentina

Facts about Aconcagua 3: name

People could not find the exact name for Aconcagua. But some people estimate that it was derived from an Arauca word, Aconca Hue. The meaning of this word is Comes from the Other Side. Others think that it was derived from Quechuan phrase, Anchoe Cahuac. The meaning is White Sentinel.

Facts about Aconcagua 4: location

Let’s find out the location of Aconcagua. It is located inside Aconcagua Provincial Park in Mendoza Province, Argentina. The location of Aconcagua does not share any border with Chile. It is completely inside Argentina. Find another great location by checking Abbotts Hall Farm facts here.

Aconcagua Climbing

Aconcagua Climbing

Facts about Aconcagua 5: the longest mountain range

In Andes, Aconcagua takes the record as the mountain with highest point. Andes is very famous in the world because it is called as the longest mountain range in the world. It spans in 4,300 miles on seven countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

Facts about Aconcagua 6: Edward Fitz Gerald

Edward Fitz Gerald was the leader of the expedition to ascent Aconcagua for the first time in 1897. On 14 January 1897, Mathias Zurbriggen could reach the top of Aconcagua. Find out another great nature in Acadia National Park facts.

Aconcagua Pic

Aconcagua Pic

Facts about Aconcagua 7: the second ascents

The second ascent on Aconcagua occurred few days after Zurbriggen reached the top.   The second ascent was made by Nicholas Lanti and Stuart Vines.

Facts about Aconcagua 8: is it a volcano?

Aconcagua is not a volcano. The formation of this mountain is from the collision of South American plate and Nazca plate in the period of mountain building or Andean orogeny.



Facts about Aconcagua 9: Adrienne Bance

Adrienne Bance was the first woman who made the first ascent on Mountain Aconcagua. She did it on 7 March 1940.

Facts about Aconcagua 10: the first winter ascent

The first winter ascent on Aconcagua was made by Argentines E. Huerta, H. Vasalla, and F. Godoy.

Facts about Aconcagua

Facts about Aconcagua

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