10 Facts about Acoustics

Friday, November 14th 2014. | Science

Those who are interested with the science of all mechanical waves in solids, liquids, and gases should read Facts about Acoustics. Acoustics also deal with some interesting topics such as infrasound, ultrasound, sound, and vibration. Find out more facts about this interdisciplinary science here.

Facts about Acoustics 1: acoustician

How do you call the person who works in acoustics field? You can call this scientist as an acoustician. If the person deals with acoustics technology, you can call him or her as an acoustical engineer.

Facts about Acoustics 2: application

When people hear the word acoustics, they always associate it with an acoustic guitar. Actually, you can link the application of acoustics with noise control and audio industries.

Acoustics Facts

Acoustics Facts

Facts about Acoustics 3: coverage of acoustics

Acoustics can cover a lot of aspects in our everyday life. The acoustics science can be applied on medicine, music, warfare, architecture, industry and many more.

Facts about Acoustics 4: the word

Let’s find out the origin of the word acoustic. It was taken from a Greek word. You can translate it as ready to heat or of or for hearing.

Acoustics Pic

Acoustics Pic

Facts about Acoustics 5: sonic

If you want to find out the Latin word which has the similar meaning of acoustics, you can check out the word sonic. People find out that acoustic and sonic are synonymous.

Facts about Acoustics 6: the earlier research of acoustics

The earlier research of acoustic was conducted by Pythagoras in 6th century. This philosopher studied the first six overtones of a vibrating string. Find out acoustic guitar facts here.

Acoustics Pictures

Acoustics Pictures

Facts about Acoustics 7: Vitruvius

Vitruvius was another person who conducted a research about acoustic properties in theaters.  This Roman architect and engineer conducted the research in 20 BC. He discussed about reverberation, echoes and interference.

Facts about Acoustics 8: acoustics in 18th century

There was a significant development of acoustics in 18th century.   Many mathematicians were interested to study acoustics and used calculus as a new technique to learn acoustics. The Theory of Sound was published in 1877. It was created by the famous mathematician in 19th century, Lord Rayleigh.


Facts about Acoustics 9: qualification

If you think that it is very easy to be an acoustician, you are wrong. You have to be qualified by having at least a Bachelor degree.  Other acousticians pursue higher education in engineering, acoustics or physics. The acousticians have to deal a lot of science and mathematics.

Facts about Acoustics 10: basic research

There are several basic researches that the acousticians have to do. They have to deal with psychoacoustics, hearing and neurophysiology. The acoustic science is also applied in theater. Get facts about abstract theater here.

sound wave

sound wave

Are you impressed with facts about acoustics?

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