10 Facts about Acrobats

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Facts about Acrobats show you about the amazing and extraordinary performance of motor coordination, balance and agility. Acrobatic is not only found in a circus, but also in many sport events and martial arts. It is often linked with circus, gymnastics and acro dance. Find out more acrobat facts in the following post:

Facts about Acrobats 1: the female acrobat

Acrobat is not only found in modern world. You can trace it in the ancient time. In 340-330 BC, an ancient Greek hydria depicted a female acrobat. Actually it can be found in various cultures thousand years ago.

Facts about Acrobats 2: Minoan art

If you check out a Minoan art created in 2000 BC, you can check out the description of acrobatic feats on backs of bulls.

Acrobats China

Acrobats China

Facts about Acrobats 3: China

China is one of the countries famous with its unique acrobat. The performance of acrobats can be traced back in 206 BC-AD 220 in Western Han Dynasty. Acrobat is very important in Chinese culture.  The event is performed in the harvest festivals in the Chinese village.

Facts about Acrobats 4: Tang Dynasty

The acrobats in Tang Dynasty were similar with European acrobats. In 7th and 10th century, court display was predominant in the acrobatic performance.

Acrobats Peking

Acrobats Peking

Facts about Acrobats 5: acrobat and gymnastic event

Acrobatic activity became a part of gymnastic sport at the end of 19th century.  People are very competitive in this field.

Facts about Acrobats 6: fine art

Acrobat becomes one of the main subjects in fine arts. You can see the painting of Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir in the Cirque Fernando. Another painting is by Viktor Vasnetsov in Acrobats in a Paris Suburb.

Acrobats Pic

Acrobats Pic

Facts about Acrobats 7: acrobatic skill

When people want to have great acrobatic skill, they have to learn and practice it since they were kids.  The parents usually will pass their acrobatic skill to their children.

Facts about Acrobats 8: acrobatic activities

Some interesting acrobatic activities include the acrobat performing on a high wire act. The tightrope walking is another example.



Facts about Acrobats 9: circus

Circus always involves with acrobatic movement.  The animals, clowns and acrobats works in a group to entertain the audience. Check out another style of entertainment in Aboriginal dance facts.

Facts about Acrobats 10: age of circus

Circus has been around for more than 2000 years old.

Facts about Acrobats

Facts about Acrobats

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