10 Facts about Acropolis

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If you want to know one of the most famous buildings in Athens, you can check Facts about Acropolis. When you are in Greece for a vacation, don’t forget to visit Acropolis of Athens. This popular tourist attraction serves you with ancient archeological site. Find out moret Acropolis facts in the post below:

Facts about Acropolis 1: name

The word Acropolis was derived from acro and polis. Acro means high and polis means city. You can call it high city. The building in Acropolis was dedicated to Goddess Athena.

Facts about Acropolis 2: the Acropolis of Athens

When you refer Acropolis of Athens, people will always direct you to the site of Parthenon. You can learn more about this archeological site as well as the history by visiting Parthenon. It is included as one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Acropolis And Temple

Acropolis And Temple

Facts about Acropolis 3: size and landscape

The height of Acropolis is 80 feet. The width is 50 feet. It has a flat top sitting on a huge hill.

Facts about Acropolis 4: nickname

Many people in Greece call Acropolis as the sacred rock.   It was constructed in 447 BC and finished in 438 BC. The main purpose of this construction is for the defensive reason. The position of the enemies can be viewed clearly when the Greek stood on Acropolis.

Acropolis Athens

Acropolis Athens

Facts about Acropolis 5: temples

The most famous temple in Acropolis is Parthenon. Actually there are many other temples here. Parthenon was used to worship Goddess Athena. Check another prominent building in the world in Abergavenny castle facts.

Facts about Acropolis 6: the old ruins of Acropolis

The old ruins of Acropolis were used as the site of some temples such as The Temple of Nike, Erechtheion and Parthenon.  In the past, the Greek people who lived in Acropolis were very successful. You can check out monument there.

Acropolis Map

Acropolis Map

Facts about Acropolis 7: the first excavation

In 1835 till 1837, the first excavation of Acropolis began. In 1885 till 1890, the work to excavate Acropolis was continued by Panagitois Kavvadias.

Facts about Acropolis 8: a major restoration

The Greek government decided to apply the major reconstruction on Acropolis in 1975. During the mid 1990s, only 40 percent of the work was completed.

Acropolis Pictures

Acropolis Pictures

Facts about Acropolis 9: New Acropolis Museum

If you visit Acropolis, you have to come to New Acropolis Museum.  There are several prominent works on the Acropolis moved to the museum in 2007. The museum lies on the foot of the hill. Find an important temple in Egypt by reading Abu Simbel facts.

Facts about Acropolis 10: layout of the city

If you are interested to understand and enjoy the layout of Athena, you have to come to the top hill of Acropolis.

Facts about Acropolis

Facts about Acropolis

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