10 Facts about Ada Lovelace

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If you are interested to find out the only child of Lord Byron and Anne Isabella Byron, you have to check out Facts about Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was born on 10 December 1815. After Ada was a month, his father left his wife and her daughter. Check out more facts about Ada Lovelace by reading the following post below:

Facts about Ada Lovelace 1: the death of his father

When Ada was only eight years old, his father, the famous poet Lord Byron died because of the disease in Greek War of Independence. Actually Ada was not the only child of Lord Byron. He had other children out of wedlock with other women.

Facts about Ada Lovelace 2: her love to Lord Bryon

Even though her mother did not want her to develop the similar insanity just like his father, Ada was interested with Lord Byron. When she died, she wanted to be buried next to her father.

Ada Lovelace Facts

Ada Lovelace Facts

Facts about Ada Lovelace 3: interest

Ada was very interested in logic and mathematics after her mother supported her about the topics. She did not want her to develop the similar interest of his father.

Facts about Ada Lovelace 4: Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage is one of the important persons in Ada’s life. She shared a good friendship with Babbage because of the mathematical interest. She was very curious on the work of Babbage in Analytical Engine.

Ada Lovelace Image

Ada Lovelace Image

Facts about Ada Lovelace 5: Luigi Menabrea

Luigi Menabrea was an Italian military engineer. His work affected Ada a lot since in 1842 till 1843, she worked to apply the work of Menabrea into her own notes. Ada entitled it as Notes.

Facts about Ada Lovelace 6: the first computer program

The Notes that Ada translated from the work of Menabrae was called as the first program of computer. The Notes contains algorithm that can be used to operate machine. She could improve the work of Babbage.

Ada Lovelace Pictures

Ada Lovelace Pictures

Facts about Ada Lovelace 7: algorithm

The algorithm that Ada developed enables the machine to compute Bernoulli numbers.

Facts about Ada Lovelace 8: music

Besides having an interest on mathematics, Ada loved music a lot. She used numbers to create music composition.

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace

Facts about Ada Lovelace 9: the groundwork of computer

We do not know whether she knew it or not that actually Ada had set a ground work of computer development. Let’s talk about science in Absolute zero facts.

Facts about Ada Lovelace 10: tested program

The machine that Babbage had not been finished. Therefore, the program that she developed had not been tested.

Facts about Ada Lovelace

Facts about Ada Lovelace

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