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If you are interested to know the house name who writes Beast Quest, you need to check Facts about Adam Blade. Beast Quest is very famous in the world among the children for it is considered as the best selling series. This fantasy novel is written by several authors who use Adam Blade as the house name. Get more interesting facts about Adam Blade by reading the below post:

Facts about Adam Blade 1: the production company

Working Partners Ltd produced Beast Quest. At first, the storyline for each book of Beast Quest was made by the editorial team at Working Partners.

Facts about Adam Blade 2: making the samples

Then the Working Partners decided to hire a number of writers to create the sample for Beast Quest. They will ask them to create the first three chapters for Beast Quest storyline.

Facts about Adam Blade

Facts about Adam Blade

Facts about Adam Blade 3: the best samples for the projects

When the samples are collected, the editorial team will sort and select the best samples for the Beast Quest project.

Facts about Adam Blade 4: the Beast Quest series

Due to the high popularity, there are around 78 books of Beast Quest series which have been published until mid 2013.

Adam Blade

Adam Blade

Facts about Adam Blade 5: the publishing company

In United States, Beast Quest is published by Scholastic Corporation. In United Kingdom, Orchard Books publishes the series. The books are intended for the young boys at the age of 7 or more.

Facts about Adam Blade 6: the review of Beast Quest

The review of Beast Quest is relatively positive. This book is a good combination of storytelling and adventure. It is written in simple and clear words.

Adam Blade Facts

Adam Blade Facts

Facts about Adam Blade 7: how old is Adam Blade

Adam Blade was only a fictional character. He was born in Kent, England. It is stated that Blade is in his late twenties. His parents work as amateur artists and history teachers.  The young Blade was very interested with adventure due to the ancient history English battles. Check Bill Bryson facts here.

Facts about Adam Blade 8: the idea of Beast Quest

The idea of Beast Quest was invented when he created Tom, his imaginative character. He considered Tom as the bravest boy warrior.

Adam Blade Books

Adam Blade Books

Facts about Adam Blade 9: hobbies

The favorite hobbies of Adam Blade include playing football and fencing. He also has pets. He owns Omar, a capuchin monkey and Ziggy, a tarantula.

Facts about Adam Blade 10: some of Beast Quest series

Some of Beast Quest series include Nanook the Snow Monster, Sepron the Sea Serpent, Ferno the Fire Dragon, Trillion the Three-Headed Lion, Epos the Flame Bird and many more. Find out another author in facts about Beverley Naidoo.

Adam Blade Beast Quest

Adam Blade Beast Quest

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