10 Facts about Adam Smith

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Facts about Adam Smith talk about the famous author, moralist, and philosopher.   If we talk about Adam Smith, we have to talk about his economic theories. For many years, his theories have been used in the market.  They have been studied by the economists. Check out more Adam Smith in the following post below:

Facts About Adam Smith 1: education

Adam Smith was a well educated person. He had attended two prestigious schools in the world.  He went to Oxford and Glasgow.

Facts about Adam Smith 2: teaching logic

In 1715, he was a lecturer at University of Glasgow. He taught the students about logic. In 1752, he got promotions as the chair of the moral philosophy.

Adam Smith Economist

Adam Smith Economist

Facts about Adam Smith 3: Theory of Moral Sentiments

Theory of Moral Sentiments gained him international fame. He wrote it in 1759. He got a lot of appreciation by writing this book.

Facts about Adam Smith 4: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations is another famous writing of Adam Smith.  When you read it, you will know the concept of labor division. He stated that the value is derived from the labor.

Adam Smith Facts

Adam Smith Facts

Facts about Adam Smith 5: Rationalism

The work of Adam Smith was influenced a lot of by rationalism.  Smith believed that every single thing can be explained rationally. One of her famous theories influenced by rationalism is Laissez-faire theory of economics. If you want to know the famous psychologist, check out Abraham Maslow facts.

Facts About Adam Smith 6: monopolies

If you check out the work of Adam Smith, you will know the discussion of the monopolies. He thought that monopolies were bad.  They can damage the markets.

Adam Smith Pic

Adam Smith Pic

Facts About Adam Smith 7: free market

Smith liked free market a lot. But he elaborated that there must be some restrictions to decrease poverty. It can be used as an economic market. The government can give assistance on companies and industries.

Facts About Adam Smith 8: contradiction

Some of Adam Smith’s ideas cannot be applied in the modern world because there are new methods of production contradicting his ideas. You have to know that most Smith theories were created before or during industrial revolution.

Adam Smith Statue

Adam Smith Statue

Facts About Adam Smith 9: the early life

Talking about his early life, he was raised only by her mother. His father passed away when Smith was only 6 months. Find another interesting figure in Abraham Lincoln facts.

Facts About Adam Smith 10: influence of her mother

Her mother influenced a lot when he chose the pathway of his life. She encouraged Smith to choose his interest.

Facts about Adam Smith

Facts about Adam Smith

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