10 Facts about ADD

Tuesday, November 18th 2014. | Health

If you want to know a type of disorder which changes the ability to focus, check out Facts about ADD. The risk of having ADD is three times higher on men than on women. The diagnosis is very complicated since it should be observed for at least six months. Let me show you the real ADD facts below:

Facts about ADD 1: the strong symptoms

As I have stated before, a diagnosis of ADD will take a lot of time. The strong symptoms of ADD should be observed within six months. If the symptoms of ADD bring negative effect on their life for at least six months, probably the children have ADD.

Facts about ADD 2: the symptoms of ADD

Can you mention some symptoms of ADD? Those include fear, distractibility, inattention, slow cognitive thinking, poor memory retrieval, procrastination, daydreaming and anxiety.

ADD Pictures

ADD Pictures

Facts about ADD 3: students with ADD

The parents and teachers should be patient when dealing with kids or students with ADD. Compared to the normal students, they have to study three times more. Find out another disorder in ADHD facts.

Facts about ADD 4: cure

What about the cure for ADD? Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disorder. However, the patients can manage it by having counseling and medication.

ADD Students

ADD Students

Facts about ADD 5: creative and intelligent

Don’t underestimate the children with ADD. Most of them are very creative and intelligent. You can excel their ability with the appropriate treatment.

Facts about ADD 6: pregnant woman

If you want to decrease having a child with ADD, you should never smoke during the pregnancy. The report states that the women who smoke have twice higher risk of having a child with ADD.



Facts about ADD 7: sugar

The excess sugar in the body is not the cause of having ADD.  There are many researches which prove that there is no connection of ADD and sugar.

Facts about ADD 8: celebs

There are some celebrities who have ADD such as Jim Carrey, Michael Phelps, Adam Lavine, Terry Bradshaw, Will Smith and Justin Timberlake.

Facts about ADD

Facts about ADD

Facts about ADD 9: a lifelong disorder

The patients with ADD have to deal with this condition in the rest of their life. It is called as a lifelong disorder. There is no cute for ADD.

Facts about ADD 10: children

There are 5 to 12 percent of all children in the world affected by ADD. Check out the treatment of ADD in Adderall facts.

ADD Facts

ADD Facts

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