10 Facts about Addiction

Monday, November 17th 2014. | Health

If you want to know many types of addiction, you have to check out Facts about Addiction. This habit is not good since it can affect the health.  Many people feel uncomfortable when they stop the addiction habit. It involves with the uncomfortable feeling in out emotion and physical body. Find out more addiction facts in the following below:

Facts about Addiction 1: Cigarettes

Do you know that cigarettes are addictive? It is not easy for the men and women to stay away from cigarettes. There are many people who have to come to a rehabilitation to stop smoking.

Facts about Addiction 2: the content of cigarettes

The primary content in cigarettes is nicotine. Actually it contains a lot of toxins.    The primary content which leads into addiction is nicotine. Smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of lung cancer since it contains tar.

Addiction Drugs

Addiction Drugs

Facts about Addiction 3: death

The risk of dying because of lung cancer and heart disease is very higher when you smoke.

Facts about Addiction 4: Marijuana

Another substance which can lead into addiction is marijuana. Many people think that this drug is less harmful, but it can lead into addiction and permanent damage in the body.

Addiction Image

Addiction Image

Facts about Addiction 5: negative effect of marijuana

Can you mention some negative effects of marijuana?  It can cause you to have memory problems, increased heart rate, clumsiness, change of reality perception.

Facts about Addiction 6: THC

THC is the chemical that you can find inside marijuana. Even though you stop taking marijuana, the   bad effect on the brain and body still exist because of THC.

Addiction Pictures

Addiction Pictures

Facts about Addiction 7: Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Steroids can cause addiction too. It is often used by athletes to increase their performance. The females who take it can go bald and grow the facial hair. The males can increase the volume of breast.

Facts about Addiction 8: Anabolic Steroids and body health

The body health will be affected by anabolic steroids.  The young teenagers who take it can develop acnes, skin problem, liver and kidney problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Addiction Smoking

Addiction Smoking

Facts about Addiction 9: damages in the brain

The additive drugs which can cause damage in the brain include marijuana, cocaine, and nicotine. Find out about drug abuse in Adderall facts.

Facts about Addiction 10: death

Addiction can cause death too. In United States, 25 percent of death is caused by illegal drug usage, smoking and alcohol.

Facts about Addiction

Facts about Addiction

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