10 Facts about Addis Ababa

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If you want to know the nice attraction in the capital city of Ethiopia, you have to check out Facts about Addis Ababa.  It is located in east Africa. The city is famous in Africa. It is one of the metropolis areas in Ethiopia. It is inhabited by 3 million people. If you are interested to know the city in details, check out the following post below:

Facts about Addis Ababa 1: height

Addis Ababa is located in high land. It sits on the height at 2440 meter. Therefore, it is ranked in the third position of highest capital in the world.

Facts about Addis Ababa 2: the features

When you come to Addis Ababa, you can find out the glitzy hotels, fascist architecture, mud huts, Marxist billboards and cathedrals.

Addis Ababa City

Addis Ababa City

Facts about Addis Ababa 3: food

You can enjoy local cuisines in the fourth largest city in Africa. You can hang out with friends and enjoy a traditional honey wine called Tej in many bars in Addis Ababa.  The restaurants and nightclubs serve you with many international cuisines.

Facts about Addis Ababa 4: a safe city

If you decide to visit Addis Ababa, you do not need to be careful with a crime. This city is very safe even though you can find a mixture of modernity, tradition, poverty and wealth. But you have to be careful with the money in the pocket since there are many petty thieves.

Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Facts about Addis Ababa 5: Bole International Airport

The main entry to the city is located at Bole International Airport. Most foreign visitors drop here to explore Ethiopia.

Facts about Addis Ababa 6: city tours

Addis Ababa is a good city to explore. You can find out many interesting places here. You can see the homid fossil skeleton named Lucy in National museum. The skeleton is 3.5 million years old. Find out Accra facts for another interesting city.

Addis Ababa Pictures

Addis Ababa Pictures

Facts about Addis Ababa 7: St George’s Cathedral

A wonderful old building that you can view is St George’s Cathedral. In 1930, the cathedral was used as the site of Haile Selassie’s coronation. The main purpose of this building is for commemoration of the defeat over Italy in 1896.

Facts about Addis Ababa 8: Merkato

If you like to shop, Addis Ababa serves with one of the largest markets in Africa. It is called Merkato. You can shop until you drop here.  You can get the local items.

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Facts about Addis Ababa 9: Holy Trinity Cathedral

If you want to know the final resting place of Haile Selassie, you have to go to Holy Trinity Cathedral. Check another interesting city in Acapulco facts.

Facts about Addis Ababa 10: the people in Addis Ababa

You can find a diverse culture in Addis Ababa because it is inhabited by people from different regions in Africa. There are at least 80 different languages spoken by people here.

Facts about Addis Ababa

Facts about Addis Ababa

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