10 Facts about Adelaide

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Get Facts about Adelaide if you want to know the capital of South Australia.  When you visit Adelaide, you will be impressed with the free thinking spirit that the people in the city have.  It is called as the first place to eliminate capital punishment, racial and sexual discrimination. Find more impressive ideas about Adelaide in the following post below:

Facts about Adelaide 1: the aboriginal people

When we talk about Australia, we should never forget about the Aboriginal people. Do you know that the first city which recognizes the land right of aboriginal people is Adelaide?

Facts about Adelaide 2: women

Women are highly appreciated in Adelaide. It is the first place where the women get the right to vote. The super interesting fact is that nude swimming is legalized for the first time in Adelaide.

Adelaide Facts

Adelaide Facts

Facts about Adelaide 3: the establishment of the city

The proclamation under a gumtree at Glenelg legalized the establishment of a city called Adelaide in 1836.

Facts about Adelaide 4: the original inhabitants

Can you guess the first people who inhabited Adelaide? They were the Kaurna aboriginal people who set on Adelaide Plains. But now Adelaide is inhabited mostly by the European settlers.

Adelaide Images

Adelaide Images

Facts about Adelaide 5: a colony

Based on the history, Adelaide was established as a colony for free settlers.   There was no prison in Adelaide. People expected few crimes.

Facts about Adelaide 6: City of Churches

Can you tell me the nickname of Adelaide? You can call it as City of Churches. The oldest church is the Holy Trinity Anglican Church. It was built in 1838. Then people built more churches in the city. Check out another interesting city in Addis Ababa facts.

Adelaide Pictures

Adelaide Pictures

Facts about Adelaide 7: Aboriginal Artifacts

If you want to know the city with the largest aboriginal artifact display, you have to come to Adelaide. You just have to go to Tandanya and South Australian Museum.

Facts about Adelaide 8: glasshouse

One of the best places to visit when you are in Adelaide is the Botanic Garden.  It holds the record as the oldest and largest glasshouses in Southern hemisphere.



Facts about Adelaide 9: opal

If you decide to have a trip in Adelaide, don’t forget to buy an opal in the stores. Adelaide is not only famous as the capital city of South Australia. It is also famous as an opal city. Find out another famous city in Abu Dhabi facts.

Facts about Adelaide 10: high profile location

Adelaide is good tourist spot for many people in the world because it is accessible. Many people call it as a 20 minutes city. You can access the city center, airport and beaches within 20 minutes.

Facts about Adelaide

Facts about Adelaide

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