10 Facts about Adele

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Facts about Adele tell you about the famous singer and song writer in the world. Adele has the full name of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. She was born on 5 may 1988. She could get fame after a friend of hers posted her demo song on MySpace in 2006. Then she signed a recording contract with XL recording. If you are interested to know more about this famous British singer and song writer, check out the following post below:

Facts about Adele 1: awards

Her debut album with the title 19 released in 2008 was very successful. She earned BBC Sound of 2008 and Brits Awards Critics’ Choice. In United States, her album was certified double platinum. In UK, it was certified four times platinum.

Facts about Adele 2: Saturday Night Live appearance

The Saturday Night Live appearance brought her major fame. She boosted her fame after she was on the show at the end of 2008.

Adele Awards

Adele Awards

Facts about Adele 3: Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards show is one of the important events.  Adele got the awards Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best New Artist at 51st annual Grammy awards.

Facts about Adele 4: the second album

Her second album 21 was released in 2011. It was more successful than the first album. The second album made her earn a lot of awards from Brit Awards, Grammy Awards and American Music Awards.

Adele Beauty

Adele Beauty

Facts about Adele 5: certification

It is quite surprising and amazing to know that her album 21 was certified 16 times platinum in United Kingdom. The album was very phenomenal. It was sold more than 30 million copies in the word. It also broke the record since the album then was certified Diamond. Find out another record in AC DC facts.

Facts about Adele 6: Guinness World Records

Due to the amazing success of her album, Adele and her album were included in Guinness World Records for various mentions. She took the record as the first female artist to have 2 albums at the top five of Billboard 200.

Adele Facts

Adele Facts

Facts about Adele 7: Skyfall

Skyfall was a song by Adele used for the soundtrack of James Bond with the similar title. She got an Academy awards and Globe Globe awards in 2013 because of this song. Find out another famous singer in ABBA facts.

Facts about Adele 8: parents

Her father was Welshman Mark Evans. Her mother is Penny Adkins. Adele was born in Tottenham, north London, England.

Adele Pic

Adele Pic

Facts about Adele 9: single parent

Her mother was a single parent after Adele’s father left the family. At that time, Adele was only 2 years old.

Facts about Adele 10: Singing

Adele developed her interest to sing when she was only four years old. She stated that Spice Girls influenced her a lot.

Facts about Adele

Facts about Adele

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