10 Facts about Adelie Penguins

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Facts about Adelie Penguins inform you with the famous penguin that you can find in Antarctic colony. This penguin looks unique since it has a tuxedo like appearance. This animal is a carnivore and it has the size around 70 cm or 27. 5 inches. Adelie penguins can live up to 20 years. Check out more facts about Adelie penguins by reading the following post below:

Facts about Adelie Penguins 1: habitat

You can only spot Adelie penguins in Antarctic continent. They can be seen living around the coastal islands.  When the winter comes, Adelie penguins will move to offshore the pack ice.

Facts about Adelie Penguins 2: food

The main diet for Adelie penguins includes squid, fish and shrimp like krill. The penguins like to hunt in shallow water. However, you can spot them diving as deep as 175 m to hunt the food.

Adelie Penguin Image

Adelie Penguin Image

Facts about Adelie Penguins 3: a good swimmer

Adelie penguins are efficient swimmer. The body is very slim. You can find them travelling around 300 km or 185 miles to hunt their meal.

Facts about Adelie Penguins 4: colonies

Most Adelie penguins live inside a colony. It can consist of thousand of penguins.

Adelie Penguin Pic

Adelie Penguin Pic

Facts about Adelie Penguins 5: the breeding seasons

The breeding season of Adelie penguins begin in October.  They will travel to the rocky Antarctic coastline. The penguins build a nest using the small stones when they come to the land.

Facts about Adelie Penguins 6: penguin waddle

Adelie penguins are famous with their penguin waddle. It enables them to walk in a very long distance.  They can walk 50 km or 31 miles in the beginning of spring before the ice pack on the Antarctic Ocean breaks up.

Adelie Penguin

Adelie Penguin

Facts about Adelie Penguins 7: raising the young

The male and female penguins will help each other to raise the young. To keep the eggs warm, the male and female penguins will sit on the eggs and protect them from the predators.

Facts about Adelie Penguins 8: the young penguins

The young penguins can live alone after it is 3 weeks.  When it is nine weeks, the young penguin will learn to swim.

Adelie Penguins Colonies

Adelie Penguins Colonies

Facts about Adelie Penguins 9: the smallest penguins

Adelie penguins are called as the smallest species of penguin that people can find in Antarctic. It is estimated that the number of Adelie penguins in the world can reach 5 millions. They can be found in 38 different colonies. Check out another animal in abalone facts here.

Facts about Adelie Penguins 10: the name

The name Adelie in Adelie penguins was taken from the name of Jules Dumont d’Urville’s wife, Adelia. He was a French explorer who named the penguins Adelia in 1840.

Facts about Adelie Penguins

Facts about Adelie Penguins

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