10 Facts about ADHD

Tuesday, November 18th 2014. | Health

Facts about ADHD talk about the Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It affects people at any age in United States. It is called as the brain based medical disorder. With the right treatment, you can decrease the symptoms of ADHD. Check out more ADHD facts below:

Facts about ADHD 1: a non discriminatory disorder

We can say that ADHD is a non discriminatory disorder. It can affect people without seeing their religion, economic status, educational background, gender, IQ or even age.

Facts about ADHD 2: children with ADHD

The report states that there are 95 Percent of children in United States are diagnosed with ADHD. The girls have less risk of having ADHD than boys.

ADHD Facts

ADHD Facts

Facts about ADHD 3: adults

What about the adults in United States? It is estimated that 4.4 percent of adult in United States are affected by ADHD. They are at the age of 18 till 44 years old.

Facts about ADHD 4: the similar disorder

ADD, ADHD and AD/HD are similar. But there is one main difference of those disorders. The people who have the disorder can experience hyperactive, while some people are not experienced such condition.

ADHD Pictures

ADHD Pictures

Facts about ADHD 5: diagnosis

Diagnosing ADHD is not easy to do. You have to check out the symptoms to find out whether you have ADHD or not. Moreover, the major life areas such as the social circle, school and works should be taken into consideration too. The treatment of ADHD can be seen in Adderall facts.

Facts about ADHD 6: what makes ADHD so different?

ADHD is not similar with diseases such as Alzheimer, Diabetes or even heart problem. The symptoms are very persistent, excessive, and pervasive. You can show up extreme behaviors. The behaviors in the environment determine whether you have ADHD or not.



Facts about ADHD 7: anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is another common problem that children or Adults with ADHD experience.

Facts about ADHD 8: depression

Depression can be caused by ADHD.  There are some experts who state that 70 percent of the patients with ADHD experience depression.

Facts about ADHD

Facts about ADHD

Facts about ADHD 9: sleep disorder

The persons with ADHD often face sleeping disorders. Probably, you cannot sleep at night.

Facts about ADHD 10: nobody’s fault

If you think that ADHD is caused by the family problem, poor parents, food allergies, excess of sugar or even too much watching TV, you are wrong. It is caused genetically. Check out another disorder in ADD facts.

ADHD Students

ADHD Students

What do you think on facts about ADHD?

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