10 Facts about Adrenaline

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Facts about Adrenaline tell you more about epinephrine injection. When people consume epinephrine or adrenaline, they can open the airways in the long and narrow the blood vessels. This drug is very important to the life of human being since the injection can treat the severe allergic condition. Here are facts about adrenaline for you:

Facts about Adrenaline 1: treatment

Let’s find out the main benefits of adrenaline. You can have it to treat some several allergic reactions. When you have allergic reaction because of insect bites, stings, drugs, and food, you have to be injected to reduce the bad symptoms.

Facts about Adrenaline 2: a self injection

A person who has severe history of allergic infection can keep an auto infection of adrenaline at home. They can use the self injection at home.

Adrenaline Drug

Adrenaline Drug

Facts about Adrenaline 3: the consideration

When you decide to be injected with adrenaline, you need to make sure that it receives further observation or treatment from the physician or doctor.

Facts about Adrenaline 4: information from the doctor

Don’t forget to inform the doctor about your medical health before you have the adrenaline injection. To make sure that it is safe for you or not, tell the doctor if you have Parkinson disease, a thyroid disorder, asthma, mental illness, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Check out another drug in Advil facts.

Adrenaline Injection

Adrenaline Injection

Facts about Adrenaline 5: how to use adrenaline safely

If you want to use adrenaline safely, you need to make sure that the direction on the label is followed clearly.  Don’t use the smaller or larger amount of adrenaline. Take it based on the recommendation of the doctor.

Facts about Adrenaline 6: how to inject adrenaline

If you take the self injection, ensure that you can do it right. It is usually injected into the muscle from the other thigh. But you can inject it through the clothing in an emergency time.

Adrenaline Picture

Adrenaline Picture

Facts about Adrenaline 7: the auto injector device

You can get the auto injector device in various drugs stores in the town. It is disposable in a single usage. The auto injected can only be used once.

Facts about Adrenaline 8: expiration date

Don’t forget to check the expiration of the adrenaline before you use it. If you find out some particles or new color inside the adrenaline, it is better for you not to use it.



Facts about Adrenaline 9: storage

If you keep adrenaline at home, ensure that you keep it inside a perfect place. It should be safe from light, heat and moisture.  Keep it at a room temperature.

Facts about Adrenaline 10: side effect

The side effects of adrenaline include pale skin, dizziness, throbbing headache, anxious, fearful, vomiting, nausea, sweating and pounding heartbeat. Find out another side effect of a dug in Adderall facts.

facts about Adrenaline

facts about Adrenaline

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