10 Facts about Adultery

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Let me show you Facts about Adultery if you want to know why your spouse or partner cheats on you. Is it the deep voice, sexy body, hair color or face book which lead into adultery? We believe that size does matter but it is not the main reason why people commit adultery. Check out the following post below for more information about adultery:

Facts about Adultery 1: the large testicles

You are right if you think that females are likely to have other sexual relationships if their partners have big balls. It has been confirmed by the researchers in University of Oslo on the female primates.

Facts about Adultery 2: Facebook

How long the relationship will can be determined from face book. If you have face book, you can meet other people and the exes. There is no need to wonder that social networking sites such as Face book make people have divorce, breakup and affairs.

Adultery Facts

Adultery Facts

Facts about Adultery 3: the big time cheater

Many people state that French is the best lover in the world. But there is poll which suggests that French is also the big cheater. The poll states that most men and women cheat their partners.

Facts about Adultery 4: an eye for an eye

The survey conducted by Chime Survey for England and Wales has a surprising result that 10 percent of 38,500 people decide slapping or hitting as the best punishment for the unfaithful partner.

Adultery Image

Adultery Image

Facts about Adultery 5: the restaurants

When 40,000 cheaters were asked about the restaurant that they used to have an affair, the cheaters stated that they liked to dine in Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s, Red Lobster and Taco Bell.

Facts about Adultery 6: shopping

Most people who have an affair like shopping a lot. They admit that they have to spend more money to keep their physical look. Check out adult facts here.

Adultery Pictures

Adultery Pictures

Facts about Adultery 7: faking orgasm

You have to suspect your partner to be unfaithful if he or she always fakes the big O. It can be a bad sign on your relationship.

Facts about Adultery 8: adultery and law

In some states in US, adultery is breaking the law but the law remains different from one state to other states.



Facts about Adultery 9: prohibition of adultery

It is very surprising to find out that most societies prohibit adultery. It is considered as a bad act.

Facts about Adultery 10: tolerance

Adultery is tolerated in some societies. When Prime Minister Francois Mitterrand died, his wife, stood beside his mistress.

Facts about Adultery

Facts about Adultery

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