10 Facts about Adults

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Facts about Adults talk about anything involving the life of adults. It can be about the health problems, adultery, acne, obesity, driving ability or even stress. Adults have to face many health problems when they never do exercise or even never eat healthy food. Find out facts about adults by reading the following post below:

Facts about Adults 1: obsessed adults

One of the main problems that most adults face is obesity. It is estimated that 34.9 percent of the American adults are obsessed.

Facts about Adults 2: health problems related to obesity

There are many health problems that you can face when you are obsessed. You have to be careful with the risk of having diabetes type 2, stroke, heart disease and cancer.



Facts about Adults 3: the medical cost

Based on the data in 2008, the medical cost for obesity was around $147 billion dollar. Most obsessed adults have to spend $1,429 more compared to the adults who have normal weight.

Facts about Adults 4: the obsessed adults

The middle age adults have higher rate of having obesity.   There are 35.4 percent of obsessed adults at the age of 60 or more, while 30.3 percent of adults at 20 or 39 years old are obsessed.

Cute business woman with colleagues in discussion at the background

Cute business woman with colleagues in discussion at the background

Facts about Adults 5: driving accident

Based on the data in 2008, there were 183,000 adults in a driving accident. The death toll for the older adults was 5,500 people.

Facts about Adults 6: the driving abilities

When you are aging, the ability to reason and remember is decreased. The cognitive and vision cannot function well. The diving abilities are affected by your age too.

Adults Pictures

Adults Pictures

Facts about Adults 7: safe driving

The adults who want to have a safe driving should never be distracted by talking with someone in a phone, hearing loud radios, eating or even texting. Don’t forget to use seat belt.

Facts about Adults 8: acne

Adults concern a lot with what they look.  If you think that adults do not get acne, you are very wrong.  The adults who are at 30s, 40s and 50s often face acne.



Facts about Adults 9: diet

There are no accurate researches which can relate the relationship between acne breakout and food. Some people state that milk and dairy products can cause acne breakout. Stress does not always cause acne.  Not all adults always have acne during their stressful time. But some adults often have it when they are very stressful.

Facts about Adults 10: Adultery

There are many men and women who  have adultery in their formal marriage. Check out adultery facts here.

Facts about Adults

Facts about Adults

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