10 Facts about Advent

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If you want to know one of the important celebrations in the world, you have to check out Facts about Advent. Advent is very religious because it is the time for us to prepare for the coming of Christ. It is still celebrated by all Christians in the world. Advent can be a reminder that strong consumerism is not good for us in Christmas time. Check out the following post below for advent facts:

Facts about Advent 1: the first preparation of Christmas

The first preparation of Christmas or advent was seen for the first time in Synod of Saragossa, Spain in AD 380. At that time, all baptized Christians were recommended to come to the Church on 17 December till 25 December.

Facts about Advent 2: the first recorded homilies

The first recorded homilies on Advent were given by Saint Caesarius of Arles. The second Sunday of Advent was celebrated by Pope Saint Gregory the Great. He delivered a sermon at that time.

Advent Candles

Advent Candles

Facts about Advent 3: the current practice of Sunday in Advent

Originally people celebrated the Sundays of Advent in five days. But Pope Saint Gregory Vii decreased the number from five days to four days.

Facts about Advent 4: the connection of Lent and Advent

There is no need to wonder that Lent and Advent has a connection. You can find the common purple color in Advent and Lent.

Advent Days

Advent Days

Facts about Advent 5: Advent in Spain

People in Spain celebrated Advent for five Sundays in 7th century. In the 8th century, the eastern churches celebrated Advent by performing abstinence and fasting. Actually this practice is still common in the eastern orthodoxy. The most common liturgical color of Advent in eastern churches is red.

Facts about Advent 6: Gaudete Sunday

Gaudete Sunday is the common term used to call the third Sunday of Advent. It reflected the over half way point of advent. The word Gaudete has the meaning rejoice. The rose vestments are used to mark the third Sunday.

Advent in Purple

Advent in Purple

Facts about Advent 7: Advent wreath

Advent wreath actually is a product of modern invention. It was adopted by the Bavarian Catholics. Then the application of Advent wreath spread in many parts of the world since 19th century. Get Advent wreath facts here.

Facts about Advent 8: the first and second Advent

The first Advent is used to celebrate the coming of Christ at Christmas. The liturgical season makes people celebrate the activities of Lord Jesus Christ Christ and God.

Advent Pictures

Advent Pictures

Facts about Advent 9: the word

The ward advent was derived from the Latin word. The meaning of this word is arrival.

Facts about Advent 10: remembering the time

By celebrating advent, you can remember the time Jesus coming to the world in Palestine around 2000 years ago.

Facts about Advent

Facts about Advent

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