10 Facts about Advent Wreath

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Check out Facts about Advent Wreath if you want to know the Advent crown used as the symbol of four weeks of advents. It is seen based on the liturgical calendar in Western church. If you are interested to know the meaning and history of advent wreath, read the whole post below:

Facts about Advent Wreath 1: a Lutheran practice

Today many Christians use a wreath as part of Advent celebration. Do you know that actually having a wreath in a celebration is a part of Lutheran practice?

Facts about Advent Wreath 2: decoration of an advent wreath

Let’s find out the decoration of an advent wreath? It is made from an evergreen wreath created in horizontal position.  You decorate the wreath with four candles. In the center of the wreath, you can pick the fifth candle.

Advent Wreath Facts

Advent Wreath Facts

Facts about Advent Wreath 3: the first Sunday of advent

You can lit the candle at the first Sunday of Advent. The light is used to accompany the people who read a Bible and pray to God.

Facts about Advent Wreath 4: each week of lighting the candles

Each week, an additional candle will be lit.  All four candles are lit when you are in the last Sunday before Christmas time.

Advent Wreath Pictures

Advent Wreath Pictures

Facts about Advent Wreath 5: Christmas Eve

Most people lit the fifth candle on the Advent wreath at Christmas day or Christmas Eve. You can find this custom in public church and family setting.

Facts about Advent Wreath 6: the wheel or ring

Most wreaths of evergreen are decorated with a wheel or ring. Do you know that it is used to represent the northern Europe before the arrival of Christianity? It was used to symbolize the God’s love.

Advent Wreath Red

Advent Wreath Red

Facts about Advent Wreath 7: middle ages

The history states that the wreath in Advent was very common to spot in Middle Ages. It was organized in Germany. In 16th century, it became a Christian symbol.

Facts about Advent Wreath 8: the pre Christian Germany people

The main purpose of the wreath in the pre Christian Germanic era was to avoid the cold season during the dark December. They hoped that the spring would present warm sunlight.

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

Facts about Advent Wreath 9: the invention of Advent wreath

In 19th century, advent wreath was invented for the first time. The modern inventor of advent wreath was Johann Hinrich Wichern. Check out Advent facts here.

Facts about Advent Wreath 10: Eastern Orthodox families

Most people used five candles on the Advent wreath, but you can find six candles on the advent wreath of some Eastern Orthodox families.

Facts about Advent Wreath

Facts about Advent Wreath

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