10 Facts about Adventure Time

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Let’s find out the interesting ideas on Facts about Adventure Time. Adventures Time has left awe for all the people in the world. The new episodes always make people curious.  The show still has many fans around the world. Do you know that actually the role of Ward was changed in the next show? Find out new facts about Adventure Time by reading the following post below:

Facts about Adventure Time 1: “The Prisoner”

If you check the episode “The Prisoner”, you can find six prisoners in Ice King’s Prison. Finn found out that the Ice King had captured six princesses.

Facts about Adventure Time 2: “The Enchiridion”

Another famous episode of Adventure Time is “The Enchiridion”. You can learn that the Pixies like to destroy the Old Lady. In the episode, Finn and Jake met the Pixies.

Adventure Time Episodes

Adventure Time Episodes

Facts about Adventure Time 3: Finn’s phrase

One of the famous phrase that Finn said is “I feel redder, faster and modern adequate”. He said it when Finn and Jake were asked by the business man with battle wear. Get facts about actors here.

Facts about Adventure Time 4: hiring the Business Men

Even though the Business Men were paid for nothing, Finn and Jake enjoyed their life. They got lazy since the Business Men did all of the things. Finn and Jake only spent their time playing video games and ate ice cream.

Adventure Time Pic

Adventure Time Pic

Facts about Adventure Time 5: the trials to get Enchiridion

To get Enchiridion, Finn and Jake had to follow the trials. The big octopus was killed by Finn but he did not kill the ant. It was not a bad animal.  Then to reach the Enchiridion, Finn and Jake had an adventure inside the dangerous woods.

Facts about Adventure Time 6: who got Enchiridion?

The one who could get the Enchiridion was Finn.

Adventure Time World

Adventure Time World

Facts about Adventure Time 7: “Evicted” and “Henchmen”

If you check the episode “Evicted” and “Henchmen”, can you tell me how many times princess Bubblegum and Marceline fought? Actually they only fought once. Princess Bubblegum only went to level 45 and Marceline reached level 100.

Facts about Adventure Time 8: “Eviction”

In the episode “Eviction”, Finn said “its vampire fighting time” when he confronted Marceline to brawl. Actually his decision was not good because he was 43 level lesser than Marceline.

Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Facts about Adventure Time 9: “The Enchiridion” and Finn’s voice

Finn’s voice is very unique. After he swallowed a computer, he turned his voice in a techno voice.

Facts about Adventure Time 10: Lady Rainicorn

Are you curious with Jake’s girlfriend? She was Lady Rainicorn. This lady spoke Korean.

Facts about Adventure Time

Facts about Adventure Time

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