10 Facts about Aeneas

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Let’s discuss Facts about Aeneas if you want to know the Greco Roman mythological creature.  He was the son of goddess Aphrodite and princes Anchises. He was famous as a Trojan hero who battled in the war. Anchises was the second cousin of King Priam of Troy. Check more facts about Aeneas by reading the following post below:

Facts about Aeneas 1: Homer’s Iliad

The name Aeneas was included in Homer’s Iliad. He is one of the important mythological creatures in Greece.  You can also see his character in Roman mythology where he was called as the first true hero of Rome.

Facts about Aeneas 2: Hymn to Aphrodite

Hymn to Aphrodite is one of the important Homeric Hymns.  When you read it, you can find out the birth story of Aeneas. Aphrodite was fascinated by Anchises. The prince was very amazed with the beautiful appearance of Aphrodite. She told him that she was a Phrygian princess.

Aeneas Pic

Aeneas Pic

Facts about Aeneas 3: the birth of Aeneas

Aphrodite reveled her true identify as a goddess after she made love with Anchises. She told him that she would give birth a son named Aeneas. The young baby of Aeneas was taken by his mother to the nymphs of Mount Ida.

Facts about Aeneas 4: saved from the death

Even though in the Iliad Aeneas was not called as the main character, you can see that he was very important. The gods saved him two from the death.

Aeneas Pictures

Aeneas Pictures

Facts about Aeneas 5: who is Aeneas?

Aeneas was the third cousin of the son of Trojan King Priam.  In the Trojan Kingdom, he led the Trojans’ Dardanian allies. When Aeneas was in a battlefield, his mother always helped him. You have to know that Apollo liked him a lot.

Facts about Aeneas 6: helped by the gods

Aeneas was saved from the death by his mother Aphrodite and Apollo. During the combat of Diomedes of Argos, he was nearly killed. But Apollo and Aphrodite saved him and helped him at Pergamos.

Aeneas Statue

Aeneas Statue

Facts about Aeneas 7: Poseidon

Aeneas was saved by Poseidon when he was in the arm of Achilles. There is no need to wonder that Aeneas could become the king of Trojan.

Facts about Aeneas 8: Aeneads

Aeneads was a group of people led by Aeneas. This man was very lucky since he was one of the few Trojans. He was not enslaved or killed by Troy. The group and Aeneas went to Italy and he became progenitors of Romans.



Facts about Aeneas 9: the members of Aenead group

The members of the Aeneads included his father Anchises, the helmsman Palinurus, his son Ascanius, his friends Achates trumpeter Misenus, and many more. Check out Aeolus facts to know another mythological creature.

Facts about Aeneas 10: the statues

When Aeneas travelled to Italy, he brought the statues of Lares and Penates to Italy. Both were the household gods of troy.

Facts about Aeneas

Facts about Aeneas

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