10 Facts about Aerodynamics

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If you like to study the motion of air, you have to learn Facts about Aerodynamics. This discipline is one of the branches of dynamics.  When you learn physics, aerodynamic is often used to call gas dynamic. The concept of aerodynamic has been studied by our scholars in the ancient time.  Find out more aerodynamics facts by reading the following post below:

Facts about Aerodynamics 1: aerodynamic in the ancient time

The scholars who studied about aerodynamic in the ancient time include Archimedes and Aristotle. Both worked on this field in 2nd and 3rdcenturies BC.

Facts about Aerodynamics 2: air flow theory

Even though the ancient scholar tried to define the field, actually the qualitative theory about air flow was defined in 18th century.

Aerodynamics Flight

Aerodynamics Flight

Facts about Aerodynamics 3: Isaac Newton

Can you mention one of the famous first aerodynamicists in the modern world? Actually he was Isaac Newton. In 1726, he tried to define theory of air resistance. In the future years, his theory was called for low flow speeds. Check out acceleration facts here.

Facts about Aerodynamics 4: the first wind tunnel

The concept of aerodynamic was applied when constructing the first wind tunnel in 1871.

Aerodynamics Rocket

Aerodynamics Rocket

Facts about Aerodynamics 5: calculating the lift

Calculating the lift is also significant when you want to understand the concept of aerodynamics. You have to check out Bernoulli’s principle to know the method to calculate lift. In his principle, Bernoualli wanted us to realize the relationship of density, velocity and pressure. He explained this theory in his publication Hydrodynamica in 1738.

Facts about Aerodynamics 6: aerodynamics in flight

Today, people can relate aerodynamics with flight. In 1799, the concept of the modern fixed wing aircrafts was elaborated by George Cayley.  He stated that drag, thrust, lift and weight were the fundamental forces in a flight.



Facts about Aerodynamics 7: Wilbur and Orville Wright

You must know Wilbur and Orville Wright. Both were bothers who created the first successful aircraft in the world.  They could fly the aircraft on 17 December 1903. Due to this magnificent invention, there is no need to wonder that the collaboration between aerodynamicists and aviators are very tight today.

Facts about Aerodynamics 8: Charles Renard

Charles Renard took the record as the first person who could predict the power needed for flight. He did it in 1889. This man was famous as an aeronautical engineer from France.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineer

Facts about Aerodynamics 9: the wing loading

The wing loading is weight to wing area ratio. Hermann von Helmholtz and Renard came into a conclusion that human being could not fly by having wings on the arms using their own power.

Facts about Aerodynamics 10: glider flights

The first person to success with glider flight is Otto Lilienthal.

facts about Aerodynamics

facts about Aerodynamics

Are you impressed with facts about aerodynamics?

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