10 Facts about Aerosmith

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If you want to know about one of the phenomenal bands in the world, check out Facts about Aerosmith. There are many hits that Aerosmith had created in their career. Do you know that Perry the guitarist of Aerosmith playing his guitar backward? There are many other surprising facts that you will know if you read the whole post below:

Facts about Aerosmith 1: the left handed Perry

As I have stated before Perry played his guitar backward since he is left handed. When he was 12 years old, he got his first guitar.

Facts about Aerosmith 2: Steven Tyler

Can you tell me the name of the lead singer of Aerosmith? He is Steven Tyler. This man had sticky fingers when Aerosmith was in the early days of the career. He was accused of stealing $2,000.

Aerosmith Facts

Aerosmith Facts

Facts about Aerosmith 3: Sweet Emotion

Sweet Emotion is one of the biggest hits from Aerosmith. If you are a fan of this band, I believe that you have heard the song many times. Do you know that the lyrics created by Tyler were about his disdain on Elyssa Jerret? The woman is Perry’s then wife.

Facts about Aerosmith 4: quitting Aerosmith

In 1979, Perry decided to leave Aerosmith. He did it after he saw that the wife of the bassist Tom Hamilton was thrown with a glass of milk by Jerrett.

Aerosmith Image

Aerosmith Image

Facts about Aerosmith 5: discussing the problem

Many people think that Perry’s wife is the source of the band’s turmoil. Perry thought that it was not true. Based on his opinion, the refusal of the members to discuss the problem within the band was the main turmoil. Find out another band in ABBA facts.

Facts about Aerosmith 6: an audition of Led Zeppelin

Tyler flied secretly to England since he wanted to follow an audition for Led Zeppelin. Therefore, Tyler decided to give up a week for songwriting with Perry.

Aerosmith Pictures

Aerosmith Pictures

Facts about Aerosmith 7: a flop

Just like a movie, an album could be a flop too.  The Aerosmith album with the title Done With Mirrors 1985 was a major flop for this band. Fortunately they could make a huge comeback.

Facts about Aerosmith 8: Run-DMC

Aerosmith career can be pushed again after the flop when Rick Ruben, the producer decided to remake Walk This Way with Run-DMC. This collaboration of rock and hip hop song eventually cracked to the top five Billboard chart. Check another band in AC DC facts.



Facts about Aerosmith 9: kiss boots

The costumes of Aerosmith are wonderful too. Do you still remember when Perry wore the amazing Kiss booth on 2003 Aerosmith kiss tour?

Facts about Aerosmith 10: the longest marriage

Perry thinks that his marriage with his second wife Billie Montgomery is the longest one in rock and roll. He married his wife for 29 years.

Facts about Aerosmith

Facts about Aerosmith

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