10 Facts about Aesop

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Facts about Aesop tell you the detail information about the famous story teller or fabulist from Ancient Greece. There are many kinds of famous fables created by Aesop. People estimated that he lived circa 620 till 564 BCE. Check the following post for detail information about Aesop:

Facts about Aesop 1: the existence

We cannot say that Aesop really exists in the past.  Until this present day, many people are still on a debate about his existence. However, you can gather many tales and fables across the countries created under his name, Aesop.

Facts about Aesop 2: the storyline

If you have read all fables or stories of Aesop, you can find out that the main characters are the animals or inanimate objects. They should solve problem, speak and have the human characters.

Aesop Fables

Aesop Fables

Facts about Aesop 3: Aesop’s life

If you are interested to know the life of Aesop, you need to check out the ancient sources written by the famous Herodotus, Aristotle and Plutarch.

Facts about Aesop 4: The Aesop Romance

One of the ancient literary works which depicted the life of Aesop is The Aesop Romance. You can find out the fictional version of Aesop’s life.  The readers were informed that Aesop was an ugly slave. Due to his high intelligence, he could gain freedom.  Then he was appointed as the advisor for the city states and king.

Aesop Pic

Aesop Pic

Facts about Aesop 5: the oldest name version

Today we call this fabulous man as Aesop. In the past, people spelled his name as Isope or Esop.

Facts about Aesop 6: Aesop in popular culture

The fame of Aesop will never vanish until this modern day. If you really like literary works, you can check out the appearance of Aesop and his characters in various TV shows, plays, movies, and books.  He has been known by people for than 2500 years.

Aesop Statue

Aesop Statue

Facts about Aesop 7: year of birth

There are many earliest accounts of Greek sources which tell us that Aesop was born circa 620 BCE.  His birthplace was in Thrace. It was a site at Black Sea Coast. Today people call it as the City Mesembria. But some writers in Roman imperial period stated that Aesop was born in Phrygia.

Facts about Aesop 8: nickname

Aesop was famous in various nicknames. The famous writer Maximus of Type called Aesop as the sage of Lydia. He was called as Aesop of Sardis by the Callimachus, the famous 3rd century poet.



Facts about Aesop 9: short movie

There was an animated short movie in 1959. The title was Aesop and Son. Check out another figure in Abraham Maslow facts.

Facts about Aesop 10: black person

In many literary works, Aesop was depicted as a black man. He was portrayed as an Ethiopian man in the drama, The Death of Aesop.

facts about Aesop

facts about Aesop

Are you impressed with facts about Aesop?

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