10 Facts about Affirmative Action

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Facts about Affirmative Action give the reality that people try to reduce the discrimination.  The policy and action is favorable for the groups of people who are likely to face these kinds of discrimination. They are the woman and minority people. Check out more facts about affirmative action by reading the following post below:

Facts about Affirmative Action 1: the Supreme Court

In the past, the people who faced discrimination in the workplace or education could not do anything. They remained silent. In 1960, people began to do affirmative action and brought the discrimination cases to the Supreme Court.

Facts about Affirmative Action 2: student and affirmative action

One of the important terms in Affirmative action is the theory of mismatch. When a student is placed in a school that he or she is not accepted, it will make them end up in bad feeling.  During the study time, this student has to struggle in his or her social life at school.

Affirmative Action  Support

Affirmative Action Support

Facts about Affirmative Action 3: college admission offices

Let’s find out the number of the college admission office. The minority people could only get 150 to 310 points for their SAT.

Facts about Affirmative Action 4: the unemployment rate

You have to check out the unemployment rate in February 2013. It is stated that black people had the highest unemployment rate at 13.8 percent. The lowest one was for the Asians with 6.1 percent.

Affirmative Action Defend

Affirmative Action Defend

Facts about Affirmative Action 5: workforce for women

Finally women could get a professional position in the office. Based on the data in 2012, there were 46.9 percent of women involved in the workforce. A half of them are involved in the professional and managerial position.

Facts about Affirmative Action 6: MBA degree

Based on the data in 2010 till 2011, there were less than 40 percent women with MBA degree.

Affirmative Action Pictures

Affirmative Action Pictures

Facts about Affirmative Action 7: earning of women

Compared to men, women could only earn 19 till 25 percent less. A study conducted in 1995 stated that white women were more benefited than the women of other colors. Check another problem faced by women in abuse facts.

Facts about Affirmative Action 8: The Civil Rights Act

The Civil Rights Act was created in 1964. It stated that discrimination was illegal in the workplace.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action

Facts about Affirmative Action 9: Jennifer Gratz

Jennifer Gratz was a white girl. She gained attention as the top high school student in suburban Detroit. But she was rejected by University of Michigan in 1995.

Facts about Affirmative Action 10: the racial criteria

On 22 April 2014, the Michigan’s ban of using the racial criteria for the college admission was supported by the Supreme Court.

facts about Affirmative Action

facts about Affirmative Action

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