10 Facts about Afghanistan History

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Facts about Afghanistan History will make you surprised. This country has been invaded many times due to the strategic position. It is located at the crossroads of Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Central Asia. Talking about the landscape, Afghanistan sits on the mountainous terrain. Get more Afghanistan History facts below:

Facts about Afghanistan History 1: the war

If we talk about Afghanistan, people can only think about the war. Now the country is occupied by NATO troops and the Afghanistan government who want to banish the Taliban. When you come here, you can find the East meets West.

Facts about Afghanistan History 2: the capital city

Do you know the capital city of Afghanistan? It is located in Kabul. It is inhabited by 3,475,000 people based on the estimated data in 2013.

Afghanistan history

Afghanistan history

Facts about Afghanistan History 3: the major cities

There are many major cities in Afghanistan. Those include Kunduz, Kandahar, Heart, Jalalabad and Mazar-e-Sharif.

Facts about Afghanistan History 4: the Islamic republic

The leader of Afghanistan is a president. It is an Islamic republic. The president will set on the top position for five years. The country has a bicameral legislature. The house of the elders is called Meshrano Jirga. It has 102 members. The house of people is called Wolesi Jirga. It is occupied by 249 members.

Afghanistan history Facts

Afghanistan history Facts

Facts about Afghanistan History 5: Hamid Karzai

Hamid Karzai is the current president of Afghanistan. He was elected in October 2004. What about the vice president? They are Mohammed Fahim and Adbul Karim Khalili.

Facts about Afghanistan History 6: the official languages

Dari and Pashto are the official languages in Afghanistan. Both languages are included in the Iranian sub family.  The modified Arabic scripts are used for the written form of Dari and Pashto.

Afghanistan history Map

Afghanistan history Map

Facts about Afghanistan History 7: the early cities

Mundigak and Balkh are the early cities in Afghanistan. The country was established 5000 years ago. You can associate the culture in both cities with the Aryan culture in India.

Facts about Afghanistan History 8: Achaemenid Dynasty

Achaemenid Dynasty was formed in Afghanistan by the Persian in 550 BC. Actually, the country was ruled by the median empire, the rival of the Persian, in 700 BC.

Afghanistan history Ruins

Afghanistan history Ruins

Facts about Afghanistan History 9: Alexander the Great of Macedonia

In 328 BC, Afghanistan was invaded by Alexander the great of Macedonia.  This emperor established a Hellenistic empire. Balkh or Bactria was selected as the capital city.

Facts about Afghanistan History 10: power in Afghanistan

The country has been invaded many times by the Greek, Kushans, Parthians, Sassanians, Arabs, and the Mongol warriors. The modern Afghanistan was established after it was controlled by the Durrani Dynasty in 1747. Check out facts about Afghanistan war here.

Facts about Afghanistan history

Facts about Afghanistan history

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