10 Facts about Afghanistan War

Sunday, November 23rd 2014. | Military

If you want to know one of the biggest wars in modern world, you have to check out Facts about Afghanistan War. There is a lot of money spent to fund the war. Do you know that United States spent $557 billion for this war? Get more interesting Afghanistan war facts here:

Facts about Afghanistan War 1: Viagra

It seems that Viagra is one of the important items during the war. Do you know that CIA often offered Viagra to secure their operation? They offered it to the older tribal leaders.

Facts about Afghanistan War 2: Mullah Mohammad Omar

Mullah Mohammad Omar is very famous in the world as the leader of Taliban.  People only knew that he had one eye.

Afghanistan War Armies

Afghanistan War Armies

Facts about Afghanistan War 3: street fighting

The leader of Taliban Mullah Mohammad Omar lost his eye when he had a street fighting with soviets in 1980s.  This story was narrated by Abdul Salam Zaeef.  He was the former member of Taliban.

Facts about Afghanistan War 4: Pat Tillman

The story of Paul Tillman gains a lot of media coverage even though his death in Afghanistan was obscured. This man quit $3.6 million NFL contract because he wanted to join the United States army in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan People

Afghanistan People

Facts about Afghanistan War 5: other countries in Afghanistan war

There are many countries in the world who decide to send their troops for NATO for the assistance force in Afghanistan after the war.

Facts about Afghanistan War 6: the death of Ahmad Shah Massoud

Ahmad Shah Massoud is one of the most popular leaders in Afghanistan. This man died because he was killed by the assassins who served as journalists two days before the September 11 attack.   September 9th is called as the national day in Afghanistan to commemorate Massoud. Get more facts about Afghanistan here.

Afghanistan War

Afghanistan War

Facts about Afghanistan War 7: Abdul Haq

Abdul Haq was another important leader who died seven weeks after Massoud died. This man was killed by Taliban.

Facts about Afghanistan War 8: unique vehicles

The unique vehicle painted in bright colors is used to deliver the goods to the western troops. You can call the vehicles as jingly or jingle truck.

Afghanistan War Pictures

Afghanistan War Pictures

Facts about Afghanistan War 9: the karakul hat

The karakul hat is the signature headwear of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. People love it because it looks stylish. However, it is criticized since it is made from the pelt of a newborn lamb.

Facts about Afghanistan War 10: the javelin missile

One of the expensive missiles is Javelin missile. It costs $75,000.

Facts about Afghanistan War

Facts about Afghanistan War

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