10 Facts about AFL

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Let me inform you with Facts about AFL. AFL stands for Australian Football League. When a club can make it to the AFL, they must be proud. It is called as the highest level of professional competition of football sport in Australia. Here are AFL facts for you:

Facts about AFL 1: the Laws of Game

The laws of game are also controlled by AFL. This Australia football League also has an AFL commission.

Facts about AFL 2: the founder

Who is the founder of AFL? Actually it was established by VFL or Victorian Football League. In 1990s season, the name was changed into Australian football League since the clubs played in the competition were not only from Victoria. It expanded to other states.

AFL Facts

AFL Facts

Facts about AFL 3: the teams in AFL

There are 18 teams competing in AFL. All of them are from the five states in Australia. Do you know that Victoria has 10 teams, while other states only have 2 teams?

Facts about AFL 4: the matches

The matches in AFL gain a lot of attention from the people.  The football matches are played in the territories and mainland of Australia and New Zealand.

AFL Pictures

AFL Pictures

Facts about AFL 5: the AFL season

There is a pre season competition in AFL. You can call it as NAB Challenge. You can watch this pre season matches from March to September. It usually is held during the winter season in Australia.

Facts about AFL 6: the AFL grand Final

The AFL Grand final will get a lot of spectators. It   is the culminated event. There will be competitions for the top 8 teams before two of them are seen in the Grand Final. You can watch the grand final directly by visiting Melbourne Cricket Ground.

AFL Players

AFL Players

Facts about AFL 7: the winning team

The winning team in AFL is branded as the premiers. The premiership cup will be awarded for the premiers. Hawthorn is the current premiers in AFL.

Facts about AFL 8: Victorian Football League

In 1896, Victorian Football League was formed. Six clubs wanted to form their own league and quit Victorian Football Association. The clubs included South Melbourne, Melbourne, Geelong, Collingwood, Fitzroy and Essendon. Carlton and St Kilda joined VFL in 1897 for the inaugural season.



Facts about AFL 9: the early 2000 season

Essendon, Brisbane and Port Adelaide dominated the AFL in the beginning of 2000s. In 1999 till 2001, Essendon got the minor premierships.

Facts about AFL 10: Andrew Demetriou

Andrew Demetriou was the CEO of AFL in 2014. Gillon McLachlan replaces him as the CEO in June 2014 after Andrew decides to retire. Check out another association in AAGPBL facts.

Facts about AFL

Facts about AFL

Are you fascinated with facts about AFL?

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