10 Facts about African Animals

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In this section, you will be informed with Facts about African Animals.  Africa is the home to the unique animals in the world. If you are here, you will be impressed since some animals cannot be found in other continents. You can enjoy a great safari in Africa. Most animals are included in the endangered species due to the extensive hunting. Find out more facts about African animals by reading the following post below:

Facts about African Animals 1: animal species

If you are in Africa, you can check out more than 2,600 species of birds and 1,100 species of mammals.

Facts about African Animals 2: speed

Most African animals are wild. Some of them are great speed when running.  The fastest one is cheetah since it can reach the speed at 70 miles per hour. The lion, wildebeest and Thomson’s gazelle have the speed at 90 miles per hour. Learn more facts about Africa here.

African Animal Image

African Animal Image

Facts about African Animals 3: Cape buffalo

If you are visiting Africa and you meet Cape buffalo, you can have to be careful.  Once, this animal killed 200 people each year.

Facts about African Animals 4: penguin

If you think that penguin is only found in Polar Regions, you are very wrong. You can find penguins living in a cape in South Africa. The penguins can be spotted for they want to enjoy the cold current in the cape.

African Animal

African Animal

Facts about African Animals 5: Thompson’s Gazelle

Thompson’s Gazelle is famous with its speed. But this animal also has great sense of hearing, sight and smell. There is no need to wonder that it can escape when the predators attack.

Facts about African Animals 6: hippo

You are wrong if you think that the largest animals which kill more people in Africa are the crocodiles or lions. Actually they are the hippos.  These animals are very territorial.  If you enter their territory, they will attack and kill you.

African Animals Photos

African Animals Photos

Facts about African Animals 7: the fastest African Animals in the world

Can you mention the fastest African animals? Those are cheetah, wildebeest, lion and Thomson’s gazelle. Check out facts about African wild dogs here.

Facts about African Animals 8: Rhinos

Rhinos are the second biggest animal in Africa after the African elephant.  The weight of adult white rhinos can reach 2721 kg.

African Animals

African Animals

Facts about African Animals 9: African elephant

African elephant is called as the biggest living land mammal in the world. The weight can reach 7 tons.

Facts about African Animals 10: the largest primate

The largest primate on earth is gorilla. Even though it has big body, it has shy nature.

Facts about African Animals

Facts about African Animals

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