10 Facts about African Art

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Facts about African Art talk about the art of Sub Saharan Africa. The African art comes in various styles and designs since each region in Africa has different cultures and customs. You can find out the traditional African art which depicts the life of the local people. Check out more facts about African Art by reading the following post below:

Facts about African Art 1: North Africa

The arts that you can find in North Africa to the Mediterranean coasts are not included in the traditional African art.  Their art depicts the Islamic art.

Facts about African Art 2: materials

The main material used to create the African art is from wood. It is used to create most African sculptures and masks.

African Art Facts

African Art Facts

Facts about African Art 3: the African masks

If you visit Africa, don’t forget to buy the masks of the local people. You can find the masks created in various figures. This mask often influences the European modernist art. The traditional African mask is very important for the ceremony. But you can find many stores in African selling the African masks.

Facts about African Art 4: the popularity

The popularity of African art has been increased since 19th century. You can find a lot of western people choosing the African knick knacks to decorate the home or office building. There are many collections of African arts displayed on the galleries.

African Art Masks

African Art Masks

Facts about African Art 5: bronze casting

Bronze casting is another art used by the people in the West Africa to decorate the palace in 12th till 14th century. They also used metal and terracotta. Check facts about Africa here.

Facts about African Art 6: Akan goldweights

The most popular African art in 1400 till 1900 was Akan goldweights. It was a small metal sculpture.  This sculpture featured the gold element.

African Art Pictures

African Art Pictures

Facts about African Art 7: the eastern African art

If you check out the eastern African art, you can check out the large timber being carved to make sculpture. Some examples of their arts include Makonde sculptures and Tinga Tinga painting.

Facts about African Art 8: the oldest known clay figure

The oldest known clay figure was from Southern Africa. It was dated back in 400 to 600 AD. The clay figure came in the mixture of human and animal on the cylindrical heads.

African Art

African Art

Facts about African Art 9: rock painting

One of the oldest forms of African art is rock painting. It was dated back 27,000 years ago. The ancient African people created their painting on the rock.

Facts about African Art 10: Drakensberg Mountain Range

If you want to know the famous rock painting in Africa, you have to come to Drakensberg Mountain Range.  You can find more than 30,000 rock paintings here.

Facts about African Art

Facts about African Art

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