10 Facts about African Countries

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Facts about African Countries elaborate the detail ideas about the cultures, cuisines, and famous buildings in many African countries. Africa is not always associated with Egypt. There are many countries here such as Libya, South Africa, Ghana, and Ethiopia. If you want to know more about those countries, check out the following post below:

Facts about African Countries 1: Islamic countries

You can find out some Islamic countries in Africa. Their culture is very different from the rest of the countries in Africa. Those Islamic countries include Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Algeria.

Facts about African Countries 2: the most common language

The most popular language spoken by more than 170 million in African countries in Arabic language. Most of them live in North Africa. Actually the continent is a home to more than 2,000 languages. Learn more about African culture facts here.

Facts about African Countries

Facts about African Countries

Facts about African Countries 3: Tunisia

Tunisia gains a lot of attention after the desert in the country is used as the movie setting for tatooine. You can also see the home of Luke Skywalker in the set.

Facts about African Countries 4: Nigeria

Nigeria is famous as the most populous country in the continent. It is a home to more than 125 till 145 million residents. The second most populous country is Egypt. There are 76 million people living here.



Facts about African Countries 5: Cairo

Cairo is a good place to visit and study. Do you know that it is called as the most populous city in Africa?  The metropolitan area of Cairo is inhabited by 17 million people.

Facts about African Countries 6: Algeria

If you want to know the largest country in Africa, you have to come to Algeria. The country spans on 2.5 million square kilometers or 967,490 square miles.



Facts about African Countries 7: the smallest country

Can you mention the smallest country in Africa? It is Seychelles. The total area of the country is only 453 square kilometer or 175 square miles.

Facts about African Countries 8: tribes

African countries are famous with their tribes. You can check out 3,000 different tribes in the Africa. There are 370 tribes in Nigeria alone. Get facts about Africa here.

African Map

African Map

Facts about African Countries 9: the longest river

Do you know that the longest river in the world is located in Africa? It is Nile river which has the length at 4,132 miles.

Facts about African Countries 10: Lake Victoria

If you want to know the largest lake in Africa, you just have to go to Lake Victoria. It has the total area of 69,490 square km or 26,830 square miles.

African Drumming Performance

African Drumming Performance

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