10 Facts about African Culture

Tuesday, November 25th 2014. | Cultures

Facts about African Culture talk about the diverse cultures in Africa. It is no easy to define the exact African culture since you can find a lot of countries in the continents. Each country has their culture and customs. It can be seen on the way people make their arts and crafts.  Here are some facts about African culture that you have to learn:

Facts about African Culture 1: the arts and crafts

If you have gone to Africa, you must be impressed with the original African arts and crafts. You can find them created from the leather, brass or woodcarving. You can take home the painting, pottery, masks or even sculptures from Africa to your home country.

Facts about African Culture 2: mask

The African mask is always a part of the African culture. It is often used in the traditional ceremony of the local tribes in Africa. Most of them are used to depict the deities, methodical characters and ancestors.

African Culture Clothes

African Culture Clothes

Facts about African Culture 3: Folktales

Another important part in African culture is Folktales. It reflects the cultural identify of a certain African group. This storytelling always involves the identity of the culture. Find out African art facts here.

Facts about African Culture 4: types of African stories

If you are very interested to find out the African stories, you have to know the type of stories. They are the day to day tales and animal tales.

African Culture Images

African Culture Images

Facts about African Culture 5: the traditional clothes

The African culture can be seen on the clothes of women in Africa. If you check out the women in Ethiopia, they like to wear shemma and habesha kemis. The shiny thread is used when the women want to add shining and glamour effect.

Facts about African Culture 6: the traditional wear for men

In Ethiopia, most men use a knee length shirt with white collar and pants. The netele or shawls are often used by men too.  You can also spot them wearing knee high socks.

African Culture Pictures

African Culture Pictures

Facts about African Culture 7: cuisines

If you are visiting Africa, don’t forget to taste the traditional local cuisines.  Most of them are in the form of vegetables, cereal grains, meat, milk and fruits. Check facts about African food here.

Facts about African Culture 8: the basic ingredients for central Africa

Cassava and plantains are the basic ingredients that the people in central Africa use to make food.

African Culture

African Culture

Facts about African Culture 9: spinach stew

The spinach stew in Africa is made with peanut butter, chilies, onions, peppers and tomato.

Facts about African Culture 10: Ethiopian cuisine

Tsebhis or stew served with injera is the local food in Ethiopia.

Facts about African Culture

Facts about African Culture

Are you impressed with facts about African culture?

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