10 Facts about African Dance

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The African American culture is also defined in Facts about African Dance. The traditional dance means a lot of the native African people. It is often performed in the important events such as funerals, wedding, birth and festival.   The dance is accompanied by the traditional African music. Check out the following post below for detail facts about African dance:

Facts about African Dance 1: what is the African Dance?

If we talk about the African dance, it means that we discuss the African dance performed by the sub Saharan people in Africa.

Facts about African Dance 2: participatory dance

Most African dances are participatory dance. It means that the spectators in the events are encouraged to dance too. The dancers and the onlookers can dance in the event.

African Dance Diaspora

African Dance Diaspora

Facts about African Dance 3: expression of a community

If you want to know the expression of a community or a tribe, you can check out their traditional dance. The African dance is not used to reflect the couples or individual because it belongs to the community. Check out facts about African culture here.

Facts about African Dance 4: the partner dance

It is not common to see a partner dance in African culture.  But it is performed by Mankon people who live Northern, Region of Cameroon.  The example of the partner dance is Bottle Dance.

African Dance Tradition

African Dance Tradition

Facts about African Dance 5: taboos of interaction between men and woman

The interaction between men and women in African dance is taboo. Many traditional African dances are performed only by women or men.

Facts about African Dance 6: the dance of childhood to adulthood

One of the most important African dances is used to mark the journey from childhood to adulthood. The boys will dance in high stamina to show off their energy and strength.

African Dance Tribe

African Dance Tribe

Facts about African Dance 7: Agbekor

Agbekor is a warrior dance.  The movement of the dance reminds you with the battlefield tactics. Once, this dance was known as Atamga. The dance was originated from the Foh and ewe tribe.

Facts about African Dance 8: Nmane dance

Nmane dance is one of the examples of dances of love in African culture. It was performed by the tribe in Ghana. The dance is performed during the anniversaries and weddings and accompanied by musical instruments. Get facts about African instruments here.

African Dance

African Dance

Facts about African Dance 9: Yabara

To respect to the visitors, a dance of welcome is performed. One of the best examples is Yabar dance.

Facts about African Dance 10: Adumu

Eunoto is the coming of age of ceremony for the warriors in a tribe. To make the coming of the age, a Maasai dance will be performed.

Facts about African Dance

Facts about African Dance

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