10 Facts about African Drumming

Wednesday, November 26th 2014. | Music

If you like the traditional music, you need to check out Facts about African Drumming. The drumming of Africa is very unique and traditional.  Most of them are made from metal, wood, or earthenware.  If you like to study the traditional musical instrument, don’t forget to check out the African drumming. Here are facts about African Drumming that you need to know:

Facts about African Drumming 1: size

Let’s find out the size of African drumming. It can be made in various sizes. You can make it into small, medium or big size.  You can enjoy a lower note on the bigger drum. If you want to have the higher note, you have to choose the smaller drum.

African Drumming Facts

African Drumming Facts

Facts about African Drumming 2: shapes

What about the shapes of African drumming?  This traditional instrument is very unique since it comes in various shapes. You can find it in friction drum, bowl shaped drum or tubular drum. Some drums are equipped with two heads, while others are in one head.

Facts about African Drumming 3: how to play the drum

It will be difficult for you to play the African drum for the first time if you do not know the way to play it. You can use sticks or hands to play the drum. You can also hold the drum with a sling or under the armpit.

African Drumming Performance

African Drumming Performance

Facts about African Drumming 4: features

If you check out the usual African drums, you can find them equipped with jingles or rattling mental. They can be found outside the drum. The beads can be found inside the African drum.

Facts about African Drumming 5: West African djembe

If you want to know one of the well known examples of African drumming, you can check out West African djembe.  Use your bare hands when you want to play the drum. The shape of this drum is unique since it reminds you with a large goblet.

Facts about African Drumming 6: who uses the drum?

The African drumming is a part of the native people’s culture. They are used for the religious, ceremony and special events. Find out facts about African dance here.

African Drumming Pictures

African Drumming Pictures

Facts about African Drumming 7: The bougarabou drum

If you want to know a set of drums, you have to check out the bougarabou drum. There are three to four drums that people could play at once.

Facts about African Drumming 8: types of drums

Besides the djembe drums, you can find other unique types of African drumming such as ngoma drums, water drums and kutiro.

African Drumming

African Drumming

Facts about African Drumming 9: the drums and African lifestyle

The traditional ceremonies would not be held well if there are no drums. They are used in the funeral, wedding, birth and festival.

Facts about African Drumming 10: hardwood

Most traditional African drums are created from woods such as mahogany, maple, oak and alder. Check out African instrument facts here.

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