10 Facts about African Food

Wednesday, November 26th 2014. | Culinary

Let’s find out the characteristics of Facts about African Food in the following post below. Since Africa is comprised from many countries, you can find different types of traditional food.   But most foods are created from the spices and tropical crops.  Here are the interesting African food facts for you:

Facts about African Food 1: Meats

Meat is one of the important ingredients in African foods. You should never get wondered when you find that fish is mixed with goat, chicken or beef.  If you eat stew, you can taste the veggies too.

Facts about African Food 2: Starch

If you look at the traditional African foods, most of them are created in starch. It can be in the form of grits, cornmeal, porridge and fried bread.

African Food Salad

African Food Salad

Facts about African Food 3: vegetables

The types of vegetables used to create a food are based on the local vegetables. They can grow in high heat of Africa. You can find sweet potatoes, black eye peas, yams, and okra. The African people will eat sweet potatoes and yams accompanied with eggs if the meat is very limited.

Facts about African Food 4: the most popular fruit

Can you tell me the most popular fruit in Africa? It is watermelon. Other popular fruits include bananas, apricots and coconuts. Find out facts about Africa here.

African Food Spices

African Food Spices

Facts about African Food 5: Slow cooking

The cooking method conducted in Africa is slow cooking process. They will use the slow heated fire to cook the vegetables located in a pot.

Facts about African Food 6: spices

When the African people want to make meat dishes, garnish or soup, they used peanuts.  To make the food in great flavor, they use turmeric, garlic, curry power, clovers and nutmeg.

African Food

African Food

Facts about African Food 7: South African food

If you are visiting South Africa, you will find a lot of food influenced by the international food. It is often mixed with lentil, spice and curries.

Facts about African Food 8: West Africa

The people in West Africa often create marinades and stews mixed with seafood.   The most popular fruits include melons, coconuts and bananas. The ingredients that they use to create stews are hot peppers, gingers and tomatoes.

African Foods

African Foods

Facts about African Food 9: east Africa

The East African people use blood and milk products for their daily food.  You will hardly see meat. Get facts about African countries here.

Facts about African Food 10: Northern Africa

The food is Northern Africa is very different from the rest of the African countries. This region was influenced more by Mediterranean foods.

Facts about African Food

Facts about African Food

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