10 Facts about African Instruments

Thursday, November 27th 2014. | Music

If you like to know more about the African music, you have to study Facts about African Instruments. The African instruments are very traditional, but they are unique. The rhythms are very complex so that not all people can learn it fast. There are many types of African instruments. Find out more about them here:

Facts about African Instruments 1: drum ensembles

If you want to learn the complex rhythm and texture of African music, you have to check out their drum ensembles. The master drummer is very important in the ensemble because he or she will become the leader.

Facts about African Instruments 2: string instruments

There are various string instruments that African people have. Those include zither, harp and lute. Get facts about African American music here.

African Instrument Examples

African Instrument Examples

Facts about African Instruments 3: kora

Kora is one of the most notable African instruments.  It has many strings with long neck design. This African harp is played to accompany the worship songs. The players have to use the great speed when they play the complex melodies.

Facts about African Instruments 4: balafon

The notable musical instrument from West Africa is balafon. It is a xylophone created from bamboo or logs. Get facts about African drumming here.

African Instrument Pictures

African Instrument Pictures

Facts about African Instruments 5: mbira

Mbira is a thumb piano. The instrument is called as a thumb piano because the players will use the thumb to play the metal or wood tongues.

Facts about African Instruments 6: types of African wind instruments

There are three types of African wind instruments. They are reed pipes, flutes and horns and trumpets. Most flutes are created from bamboo.

African Instruments Types

African Instruments Types

Facts about African Instruments 7: interesting instruments

Rasps, gongs, shakers and rattlers are other examples of interesting African instruments.

Facts about African Instruments 8: African songs and instrument

The African instruments are often used to accompany the performance of African songs. They are often performed in various occasions such as funerals, birthday, religious occasion and marriage.

African Instruments

African Instruments

Facts about African Instruments 9: Nyanga pan pipes

Nyungwe people from the Tete district of Mozambique have a unique musical instrument. It is called Nyanga pan pipes. This set consists of four instruments. But if you find a big ensemble of Nyanga pan pipes, it can consist up to 30 instruments.  It is hard to play the pipes since you have to sing and blow.

Facts about African Instruments 10: Kudu horns

The kudu horns have six horns. This traditional musical instrument is performed by most people in the continent. It is often performed in formal event.

Facts about African Instruments

Facts about African Instruments

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