10 Facts about African Life

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Facts about African Life show you the customs, habits and culture of the people who live in Africa. If we check out Africa, we will be impressed with the diverse culture. The continent is inhabited by various tribes. There is no need to wonder that each region in Africa has different culture and way of life. If you are interested to find out the African life, check out the following post below:

Facts about African Life 1: the African great lake region

The way of life of people who live in African great lake region is very different. It can be seen from the type of cuisines that they eat every day. The people in the inland savannahs will never eat the cattle. They view the cattle not as a food, but as their wealth and form of currency. Therefore, the goat, sheep and cattle are not consumed here.

Facts about African Life 2: the traditional people

The meat of the cattle is not consumed but the traditional people sometimes consume the milk and blood of their cattle. But in other parts of Africa, they eat vegetables and grains.

African Life in River

African Life in River

Facts about African Life 3: Ugali

Ugali is a starch dish created from maize or corn. People will eat it mixed with stews or meats.

Facts about African Life 4: the people in Uganda

Let’s find out the people in Uganda. They like eating matoke. It is made from the steamed green banana.

African Life Pictures

African Life Pictures

Facts about African Life 5: the menu in special celebration

The African people will cook the special food in some important celebrations such as wedding reception and Eid celebration.  The famous food is halva or Xalwo.

Facts about African Life 6: the African dance

The African dance is one of the important parts of their culture. It is used in various events such as wedding, birthday, and funeral. The dance can be accompanied by the traditional African musical instrument. Check facts about African dance here.

African Life

African Life

Facts about African Life 7: the sub Saharan music

The sub Saharan music is very unique. You can see its influence on the modern music of Rock and Roll, Rap, Jazz, Rhythm and Blue and Samba. Find out facts about African instruments here.

Facts about African Life 8: the popular style

The musical style is very different based on each African country. The Ghana people choose the highlife, while the people in Senegal and Gambia like Mbalax.

African Clothes

African Clothes

Facts about African Life 9: language

There are hundreds of spoken languages in African countries. Some popular languages are Hausa, Swahili and Arabic.

Facts about African Life 10: the modern languages

Today some people in Africa also speak the international languages for their daily life such as Dutch, English, Spanish and French.

Facts about African Life

Facts about African Life

Are you impressed with facts about African Life?

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