10 Facts about African Lions

Thursday, November 27th 2014. | Animals

Check Facts about African Lions if you want to know the wild, dangerous and strong animal. The African lion is very fast. The main feature that you can see in a male lion is their mane. You can find out the weight, height and behaviors of African lions by reading the following post below:

Facts about African Lions 1: the king of the jungle

African lion is called as the king of the jungle. This animal is very strong and fast. But it’s also beautiful if you check out the male lion.  You can spot the mane on the neck. It can come in brown or black color.

Facts about African Lions 2: diet

There are various foods that African lions eat. If the food is scarce, they will hunt for smaller animals such as reptiles, birds and hares.  They also like eating the wildebeest such as wild hogs, buffalo, giraffe and zebra.

African Lion Image

African Lion Image

Facts about African Lions 3: population

There is no need to wonder that the population of African lions is decreased from time to time since the beginning of 1950s. Today, you can only spot 21,000 lions in the continent.

Facts about African Lions 4: habitat

In the past, you spotted African lions in many parts of Africa. Today, most of them are concentrated in some parts of eastern and Southern African and south Sahara desert. Check African dwarf frog facts here.

African Lion Pictures

African Lion Pictures

Facts about African Lions 5: the history of African lions

Actually lions cannot only be found in Africa. You can also spot them in Northern India, Middle East and Greece.

Facts about African Lions 6: the roaring animals

African lions are famous with their roaring style. Both male and female African lions roar.  You can hear the roar up to 5 miles away.

African Lion

African Lion

Facts about African Lions 7: the group

The group of African lions is called prides. In the Felidae family or cat family, the lions are considered as the only social member. It means that they do not live alone, but in group. Each pride can consist of 15 lions. Most members in the pride are the females and their young.

Facts about African Lions 8: good fellowship

The members in a pride share compassion and fellowship. It can be seen on their behavior when they lick, purr, and touch or do hand rubbing each other.

African Lions

African Lions

Facts about African Lions 9: territorial animal

The African lions are territorial animals.  To mark their territory, they will use scent marking. Get another unique animal in African elephant facts.

Facts about African Lions 10: hunting time

If you think that the male lions will hunt, you are wrong. The hunting is done by the female lions.

Facts about African Lions

Facts about African Lions

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