10 Facts about African Religion

Friday, November 28th 2014. | Religion

Facts about African Religion are unique and interesting to read. African continent is filled with a lot of countries with different cultures, ethnic groups and languages. There is no need to wonder that the religions embraced by the people in Africa are also different. Get facts about African religion in the following post below:

Facts about African Religion 1: the traditional religion in Africa

If we talk about the traditional African religions when have to associate it with the indigenous people. Their religions involve with the arts, societies, ritual practice, cosmology and symbols.

Facts about African Religion 2: dynamic religions

If you think that the traditional religion is stagnant, you are wrong. They have dynamic point of view. But the technology and modernity could not affect their traditional point of view.

African Religion and Masks

African Religion and Masks

Facts about African Religion 3: the lived practice

The doctrines are not really important. The indigenous African people concern more with the everyday practice, ceremonies and rituals.

Facts about African Religion 4: the religions in Africa

Triple heritage is the common thing to say when you talk about the religion in Africa. The triple heritage is used to address Christianity, Islam and indigenous religions. The religion can be found hand in hand in African countries.

African Religion and Ritual

African Religion and Ritual

Facts about African Religion 5: conversion

Till today, there are many Africans who decide to convert their indigenous religion into Christianity or Islam. However, the Africans are still influenced by this religion. You can see it in political, economic and social life.

Facts about African Religion 6: global religion

Even though the indigenous religion is considered as the minority, it has been known internationally. The American people were inspired by the African inspired tradition because of the Trans Atlantic slave trade.

African Religion for Indiegnous People

African Religion for Indiegnous People

Facts about African Religion 7: a major attraction

The indigenous religion attracts most people in the world. When people come to Africa, they want to know the ritual and traditional dance ceremony of the indigenous people. Get more facts about Africa here.

Facts about African Religion 8: the core of African religions

Can you guess the core of African religion? It is stated that procreation, wealth and health are their cores.

Facts about African Religion

Facts about African Religion

Facts about African Religion 9: women

Women are very important in the religious ceremony of the indigenous people. You can find many female dividers and priestesses.

Facts about African Religion 10: interaction with environment

The indigenous people can live well with the environment since their religious belief concerns a lot with insight and wisdom on how to interact with the surrounding environment.

African Religion

African Religion

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