10 Facts about African Wild Dogs

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Those who are interested to know a member of a canine family should check Facts about African Wild Dogs. African wild dog is also called as painted dog or cape hunting dog.  The population of the dog is very limited. Therefore, it is included as an endangered species. You can find them living in sub Saharan African. They like to live in the woodland and plains. Check out more African Wild Dogs below:

Facts about African Wild Dogs 1: the decreased number

The number of African Wild Dogs is decreased from time to time. There are several reasons which make this dog decreased.  The dog is very prone to disease. The extensive killing of the farmers also contributes to the reduction of African wild dog population in Africa. Check out African facts here.

Facts about African Wild Dogs 2: characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristics of an African wild dog. It has large ears, strong jaws and long legs. The skin is very unique since it features with irregular patches in white, yellow, black, brown or red color. The pattern is very unique and interesting.

African Wild Dog Images

African Wild Dog Images

Facts about African Wild Dogs 3: weight and height

The African wild dog can reach the weight around 55 till 70 pounds. The height is around 30 inches at the shoulder.

Facts about African Wild Dogs 4: toes

The African wild dog is very unique. You will never find five toes on the feet. They only have four toes even though the dog reminds you with domestic dog.

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog

Facts about African Wild Dogs 5: large pack

African wild dogs do not live alone. They will gather and hunt the food in a large group. It consists of 6 to 20 dogs.  All members in the pick are hand in hand raising the young and taking care the old and weak dogs.

Facts about African Wild Dogs 6: communication

The African wild dogs use the visual sign, vocalization and touch to communicate with other members in the pack.

African Wild Dogs Facts

African Wild Dogs Facts

Facts about African Wild Dogs 7: the leader

The leader of the pack is the dominant male and female couple.  This couple will have reproduction and guide the pack.

Facts about African Wild Dogs 8: food

The main foods of African wild dogs are the wildebeest, birds, rats and antelopes. They begin hunting the food early in the morning and until the late at night. Find out other animals in Africa facts.

African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dogs

Facts about African Wild Dogs 9: speed

In average, the African wild dogs can run in the speed at 35 miles per hour.

Facts about African Wild Dogs 10: mating time

The female African wild dogs usually deliver one litter per year. The number of the babies can come in 2 till 20 pups.

Facts about African Wild Dogs

Facts about African Wild Dogs

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