10 Facts about Afternoon Tea

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Get more information about the traditional 4 o’clock tea ceremony in Facts about Afternoon Tea. The Afternoon tea is very popular until this present day. The activity is good for those who want to enjoy high quality lifestyle. When you have this afternoon tea, you will not only drink, but also eat something. Find out more Afternoon tea facts here:

Facts about Afternoon Tea 1: a small meal

If you think that Afternoon tea is only a drink, you are wrong. It is a kind of small meal. You can serve the tea or coffee accompanied with some different snacks. You can pick assorted parties, afternoon tea sandwiches or freshly baked scones with jam and cream. The latter one is called by people as a cream tea.

Facts about Afternoon Tea 2: the afternoon tea today

Many people skip the afternoon tea today because most of them are still at work. But if you want to enjoy an afternoon tea, why don’t you to the tea room in the office?

Afternoon Tea Outdoor

Afternoon Tea Outdoor

Facts about Afternoon Tea 3: the popularity

Even though the popularity of Afternoon tea is decreased due to the difference activities today, it was very popular 150 years ago.

Facts about Afternoon Tea 4: invitations

The Afternoon tea was mostly conducted by the rich ladies when they wanted to invite some companions or friends to their home. Besides offering the tea, the guests will be served with cakes and sandwiches too. If you want unique food, check out African food facts.

Afternoon Tea Pictures

Afternoon Tea Pictures

Facts about Afternoon Tea 5: the time

Let’s find out the time to have an Afternoon tea.  You can do it between 4 pm and 6 pm. This afternoon tea was often conducted by the rich people in 1840 in England.

Facts about Afternoon Tea 6: Duchess of Bedford

The credit for transforming the Afternoon tea into the late afternoon tea in England is Duchess of Bedford, Ann Maria Russell.

Afternoon Tea Snacks

Afternoon Tea Snacks

Facts about Afternoon Tea 7: Catherine of Braganza

Catherine of Braganza got the credit as the first person who introduced the Afternoon tea to the court in 1662. She was the wife of Charles II of England.

Facts about Afternoon Tea 8: the upper and middle classes

The upper and middle classes decide to adopt the afternoon tea at the end of 19th century. They would like to decorate the table with pink rose.  The food served includes the thick bread and butter and baked cakes.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Facts about Afternoon Tea 9: serving the tea

If you choose the traditional way to serve the tea, you need to have the loose tea brewing inside a teapot. Then it is served with sugar and milk.

Facts about Afternoon Tea 10: laborers

There were some laborers who liked to perform this afternoon tea. They enjoyed the tea and ate baked snacks or small sandwiches.

Facts about Afternoon Tea

Facts about Afternoon Tea

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