10 Facts about Agatha Christie

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Facts about Agatha Christie discuss the works and life of the famous author. Her book is best seller. People will like to know her early life before she was famous as a writer. Do you know what Christie never went to school when she was a child? Her mother and a succession of governesses were the people who educated her at home. Find out more facts about Christie in the following post:

Facts about Agatha Christie 1: the first book

Agatha was encouraged to write her first book by her sister Madge.  She challenged her to create a book.  When she decided to publish her first book, it was not easy for her since she was rejected by 6 publishers. Do you know that she had to wait for five years for the first book to be published?

Facts about Agatha Christie 2: a classical musician

When Agatha was in her teen age, her dream was to become a classical musician. But she had to let the dream go because she was too nervous to perform in front of people.

Agatha Christie Child

Agatha Christie Child

Facts about Agatha Christie 3: Absent in the spring by Mary Westmacott

Mary Westmacott is a name that she created. The book was written by Christie in just one weekend. Is she genius?

Facts about Agatha Christie 4: the crime writer

Agatha was famous as a crime writer. There are two characters that people love much from her books. Both are Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.

Agatha Christie Pictures

Agatha Christie Pictures

Facts about Agatha Christie 5: an old writer

It seems that writing is really her passion. When she was 76 years old, she was still productive. She created Endless Night. The narrator in the book was a young working class male. Check out a famous ancient writer in Aesop facts.

Facts about Agatha Christie 6: a female dramatist

Agatha Christie is not only an author. She was a famous dramatist too. The London’s West End used her three plays to be performed simultaneously there.

Agatha Christie Young

Agatha Christie Young

Facts about Agatha Christie 7: favorite things

Let’s talk about the favorite things of Agatha. Do you know that she loved green color? She is also a dog lover.

Facts about Agatha Christie 8: The Mystery of the Blue Train

The Mystery of the Blue Train is another work of Agatha. Once she described the book as the worst book that she ever wrote.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Facts about Agatha Christie 9: the favorite writers

Can you guess the favorite writers of Agatha Christie? Both are Graham Greene and Elizabeth Bowen. Find out another female inspiration in Abigail Adams facts.

Facts about Agatha Christie 10: the last public appearance

Agatha Christie was last seen in public during the premier of Murder on the Orient Express in 1974.

Facts about Agatha Christie

Facts about Agatha Christie

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