10 Facts about Agent Orange

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Facts about Agent Orange talk about the military activity of United States during the Vietnam War. At that time, US armies used Agent Orange or Herbicide Orange in Operation Ranch Hand. It is a part of an herbicidal warfare program. Find out more Agent Orange facts by reading the following post below:

Facts about Agent Orange 1: the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is one of the biggest wars in Asia.  It happened from 1961 till 1971.  Agent Orange was used by US military in their operation during the war. Do you know that this herbicide orange was a mixture between herbicides, 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D?

Facts about Agent Orange 2: the development

The development of herbicides was conducted by US and British in the end of 1940s and 1950s. The main purpose of this cooperation between British and US people was to create the herbicides used in the warfare. Herbicides were brought on the market as warfare products. Check out another war in Afghanistan war facts.

Agent Orange barrel

Agent Orange barrel

Facts about Agent Orange 3: the first application of Agent Orange

The first application of Agent Orange was conducted by British when they want to damage the trees, crops and bushes in the Malayan Emergency. They used the defoliants and herbicides.

Facts about Agent Orange 4: President Ngo Dinh Diem

President Ngo Dinh Diem was the president of South Vietnam. He wanted the American armies to spray the herbicides in the country in the mid 1961. Then the South Vietnamese Air Force began to use herbicides helped by the United States military in August 1961.

Agent Orange Effects

Agent Orange Effects

Facts about Agent Orange 5: the request

The request of the South Vietnam President actually raised awareness in the White House.   But finally the White House agreed to help since it had been used by the British before.

Facts about Agent Orange 6: Operation Ranch Hand

Operation Ranch Hand was authorized by President John F. Kennedy in November 1961. It was the codename for the herbicide program in Vietnam.

Agent Orange Facts

Agent Orange Facts

Facts about Agent Orange 7: the manufacturing process

Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical manufactured Herbicides or Agent Orange for US Department of Defense. The name Agent Orange was taken from the orange stripped barrel used to pack the chemical. But some people also call it Rainbow herbicides.

Facts about Agent Orange 8: toxic dioxin compound

Agent Orange contained toxic dioxin compound since 2, 4, 5-T was used during the production. Therefore, Agent Orange had TCDD or 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin.

Agent Orange Protest

Agent Orange Protest

Facts about Agent Orange 9: research

There are many researches conducted to find out the negative effect of Agent Orange. It can damage our head and also destroy the ecosystem.

Facts about Agent Orange 10: who sprayed Agent Orange?

During the Vietnamese war, the one responsible for spraying Agent Orange was the United States Army Armored personnel carrier.

Facts about Agent Orange

Facts about Agent Orange

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