10 Facts about Agincourt

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Get facts about Agincourt if you one to know one of the ancient battles in the world. It is called as the biggest English Victory in the war. The battle was between the British and French armies.  There were many soldiers involved in the battle of Agincourt. Check out the following post to know more about it:

Facts about Agincourt 1: when did the battle occur?

The battle of Agincourt took place on 25 October 1415. Some people call it as the Saint Crispin’s day. The location of the battle was near the present Agincourt, northern France.

Facts about Agincourt 2: the victory

The victory in the battle was taken by Henry V. After winning the war; he married to the daughter of French King. His son, Henry VI was the heir of the French throne.

Agincourt Battle

Agincourt Battle

Facts about Agincourt 3: participation of the king

King Henry decided to participate in the battle of Agincourt. The French armies were not commanded by the French King himself, Charles VI. His health was not good. The commanders for the French armies were Constable Charles d’Albret and other notable noblemen. They were from the Armagnac party.

Facts about Agincourt 4: the English longbow

If we talk about the battle of Agincourt, we should never forget with the weapon mostly used by the English army during the war. Henry V and his armies used a lot of English lowbow. His armies included the English and Welsh archers.

Agincourt English and French

Agincourt English and French

Facts about Agincourt 5: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare got the inspiration for his drama from the story of Battle of Agincourt.  If you read his play, Henry V, you can see the story of the battle.

Facts about Agincourt 6: a well documented battle

The battle of Agincourt was well depicted and documented since there were three eye witnesses on the battle. The location of the battle was not changed for almost 600 years.

Agincourt Map Battle

Agincourt Map Battle

Facts about Agincourt 7: the name

The battle was called as the battle of Agincourt by Henry V. It was derived from the name of the nearest fortified place.

Facts about Agincourt 8: the cited accounts

The most common account cited about the battle of Agincourt was form Enguerrand de Monstrelet and Jean Le Fevre de Saint-Remy.

Agincourt Pictures

Agincourt Pictures

Facts about Agincourt 9: invasion

Henry V decided to invade France after the negotiation between two kingdoms failed. Henry wanted the title of King of France through the line of Edward III, his great grandfather. Find out another history in African American history facts.

Facts about Agincourt 10: the arrival of Henry’s army

On 13 August 1415, the British armies landed in Northern France.  There were 12,000 armies that Henry took in the war.

Facts about Agincourt

Facts about Agincourt

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