10 Facts about Aging

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Facts about Aging discuss the condition that you will experience when you are old. Each person in the world wants to be young all of the time. Some men and women who concern with their appearance have lip filler, injection or even plastic surgery. Here are some aging facts that you need to know:

Facts about Aging 1: sweat less

When women and men are old, they will sweat less. Therefore, you can reduce the cost of buying deodorant.  It has been proved with a research conducted on 52 to 62 year old women. It is due to the face that the sweat gland on the armpit becomes less sensitive and produces less sweat.

Facts about Aging 2: teeth

It is another surprising fact to know that our teeth become less sensitive after we are aged. It is due to the face that older men and women have fewer teeth compared to the young women.

Aging Old

Aging Old

Facts about Aging 3: cold

You will get less cold compared to teens and children. This condition is good since your immunity is developed as you are aged.  The young children will experience flu 6 till 8 times in a year. Adults only experience 2 or 4 times in a year. Check out facts about adults here.

Facts about Aging 4: migraine

Migraine is one of the horrible pains that people often face. If you are female, you will experience less migraine as you are aged.  The report states that 67 percent of women never experience any migraine when they are in the menopause phase.

Aging Process

Aging Process

Facts about Aging 5: the sun

If you think that the sun is good or the skin, you are wrong. Exposing the skin into the sun will increase the risk of having black spot, wrinkles and acne. You need to use SPF protection on the skin.

Facts about Aging 6: the population of 60 years old

The population in the world will reach 60 years old is 2 billion people by 2050. Most of them live in developing countries. Get facts about adolescence here.

Aging Women

Aging Women

Facts about Aging 7: the Japanese people

In 2008, the report states that the highest percentage of the old people were in Japan.

Facts about Aging 8: the Chinese people

The largest elderly population was found in China in 2008. It was a home to 106 million elderly people



Facts about Aging 9: the sub Saharan Africa

The population of the people over 60 years old will increase from 2006 till 2030 in 90 percent.

Facts about Aging 10: the Japanese baby

In 2010, people expected that the Japanese baby born babies would have the life expectancy more the 83 years old.

Facts about Aging

Facts about Aging

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