10 Facts about Agra

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Facts about Agra present the ideas about the interesting city in India. There are many foreign visitors who come to Agra to enjoy the beauty of the city. Ptolemy was the 2nd century geographer who spotted Agra in the map of the world. If you are interested to know the history and famous places in Agra, check out the following explanation below:

Facts about Agra 1: ‘Agrabah’

‘Agrabah’ was a name used to call Agra in the past. This city was the inspiration of the famous Disney movie, Aladdin.

Facts about Agra 2: Taj Mahal

When we discuss about Agra, we should never forget Taj Mahal. It is one of the main attractions in the city. The builder of this palace was Shah Jahan. He dedicated the palace for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. You can also spot the Agra Museum in the garden.

Agra City

Agra City

Facts about Agra 3: Agra Fort

One of the World Heritage Sites in Agra that you should never forget to visit is Agra Fort. You can enjoy a fantastic view from the fort. Do you know that you can find Agra fort in The Sign of the Four by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes? Check out Agra fort facts here.

Facts about Agra 4: Tomb of Akbar the Great

If you are visiting Agra, you should never miss the tomb of Akbar the Great. This king was the famous one in India.   He was a Mughal ruler.

Agra Fort Picture

Agra Fort Picture

Facts about Agra 5: the location

Agra is located in Uttar Pradesh State, India.  The city spans on the area of 4082 square kilometer. It has been inhabited by 1.4 million people.  The people in Agra used Hindi, Urdu and English for their everyday languages.

Facts about Agra 6: temperature

During the summer season, Agra has the temperature at 21.90 °C till 45.00 °C. When the winter comes, people can enjoy the cold temperature at 4.20 C 31.70 C. In average, it has 66 cm of rainfall. Find out facts about Adelaide to know the famous city in Australia.

Agra Image

Agra Image

Facts about Agra 7: transformations

Agra is not transforming into an urban city. You can find many ATMs and bank branches opening here. People can enjoy shopping complexes, roads, malls, apartments, new buildings and many more.

Facts about Agra 8: the center of Islamic education

Agra was called as the center of Islamic education during the advent of Mughal. One of the oldest colleges in India, Agra College was established in 1823 in the city. During the British era, it was transformed into the center of Hindi literature.

Agra Pictures

Agra Pictures

Facts about Agra 9: malls

You can enjoy a great shopping center in Agra. Why don’t you visit Ratan Mall, TDI Mall, Pacific Mall, Big Bazzar, Ashoka Mall, and Omaxe SRK mall?

Facts about Agra 10: Dainik Jagran newspaper

Dainik Jagran newspaper is very popular since it is often read by the Hindi people. Other important newspaper publications include Aaj, Amar Ujala and Hindustan.

Facts about Agra

Facts about Agra

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