10 Facts about Agra Fort

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Facts about Agra Fort talk about one of the nice places that you can visit here. You are wrong if you think that Agra is only associated with Taj Mahal. Now it is included as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  It has several names. The famous one is Agra Fort. But you can also call it Fort Rogue, Lal Qila and Red Fort of Agra.

Facts about Agra Fort 1: the mention of Agra Fort

Agra fort was mentioned for the first time in 1080 AD. At that time, this fort was captured by a Ghaznavide force. At first, the Chauhan Rajput held this brick fort.

Facts about Agra Fort 2: Sikandar Lodi

The fisrt Sultan of Delhi who moved to Agra and lived in Agra Fort was Sikandar Lodi. The country was governed form the fort.  Other Mughal emperors who lived in Agra Fort included Aurangzeb, Shah Jahan, Jehangir, Babur, Akbar and Humayun.

Agra Fort Picture

Agra Fort Picture

Facts about Agra Fort 3: Abul Fazl

Abul Fazl was the famous historian during the reign of Akbar. He stated that brick fort was called Badalgarh. At that time, it was in a ruined condition. Then the fort was renovated. It took eight years for the fort to complete. Check out an interesting building in Greece in Acropolis facts.

Facts about Agra Fort 4: the red sandstone

During the renovation, the brick fort was replaced with red sandstone.  It took 8 years for 1,444,000 workers to complete the renovation.  Agra fort was finished in 1573.

Agra Fort Red Color

Agra Fort Red Color

Facts about Agra Fort 5: treasury

If you want to know the largest state treasury and mint, you have to go to this fort. There are many important people such as travelers, foreign ambassadors and dignitaries who come here to see the collection. Get facts about Abu Simbel to know the important temple in Egypt.

Facts about Agra Fort 6: a nice nickname

Agra Fort is often depicted as a walled palatial city. The walls surrounding the fort have the height of 70 feet.

Agra Fort View

Agra Fort View

Facts about Agra Fort 7: the semi circular plan

If you check out the building of Agra fort, you know that it has semi circular plan. The wall stretches 2.5 kilometer parallel to the Yamuna River.

Facts about Agra Fort 8: features

Let’s find out the features that you can find in this magnificent building.  You can check out four gates located on four sides.  The two well known gates are Amar Singh gate and Delhi Gate. The visitors can only enter the fort from Amar Singh Gate.

Facts about Agra Fort

Facts about Agra Fort

Facts about Agra Fort 9: the architecture

Agra Fort has mixed architectural designs of Islam and Hindu. The forbidden images in Islam can be found here such as birds, elephant and dragons.  You should know that Islamic traditions forbade the images of living creatures.  It encouraged us to use calligraphy or pattern rather than using the living creature images.

Facts about Agra Fort 10: Sherlock Holmes mystery

If you have read Sherlock Holmes mystery with the title the Sign of The Four, you know that Agra Fort plays the important part in the story.

Agra Fort

Agra Fort

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