10 Facts about Agricultural Engineering

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Facts about Agricultural Engineering talk about the advanced technology used by the farmers to increase their crop production with fewer inputs. We can trace the development of agriculture from time to time. In the past, the farmers had to do the manual job by scattering the seeds on the soil to grow plants. Since the invention of the seed drill in 1701 by Jethro Tull, the farmers can plant their seeds in rows.  Here are some facts about agricultural engineering:

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 1: technology in agriculture

People need technology in many fields of the world. Agriculture is no exception.  Since the population is high, people need more food. Therefore, the technology and effective farming system can result more agricultural production.

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 2: Thomas Coke

Thomas Coke who lived in 1752 till 1842 is one of the important persons in Agriculture. He wanted to increase the agriculture by replacing rye with wheat on his land in Norfolk, England. This man also farmed sheep, pigs and cattle.

Agricultural Engineering Facts

Agricultural Engineering Facts

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 3: using machine

The invention of some machines in 1800s made people avoid the manual process of farming. They used the threshing and reaping machines to make farming more fun to do.

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 4: the number of farmers

The invention of machines makes the number of farmers decreased rapidly. The farmers were afraid that they would lose the job due the invention of technology in 1830s. Check out facts about agriculture here.

Agricultural Engineering in Vietnam

Agricultural Engineering in Vietnam

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 5: what is agricultural engineering?

If you want to learn the engineering discipline which involved with the application of technology and science of agricultural process and productivity, you have to learn agriculture engineering. Find out facts about agricultural revolution here.

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 6: combination of disciplines

When we talk about agricultural engineering, we have to talk about various disciplines here. The agricultural engineering also talks about civil, electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering.

Agricultural Engineering Pictures

Agricultural Engineering Pictures

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 7: some important principles to learn

People can clean the chemical and physical properties in the agricultural production here. You can also learn about the waste management system, livestock production, climatology, water managements, and designs of agricultural stuctures, machines and equipment.

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 8: Iowa State University

Professor J. B. Davidson created the first curriculum of Agricultural engineering in 1903 at Iowa State University.

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 9: the organization

The organization of Agricultural engineering in America was established in 1907. It is called the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.

Facts about Agricultural Engineering 10: the tasks of Agricultural engineers

There are various tasks that an agricultural engineer should do such as managing, supervising and planning the irrigation, water control, flood, and drainage and environment impact.

Facts about Agricultural Engineering

Facts about Agricultural Engineering

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